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Written By: Billy Sinclair

Let me state at the outset that I believe Robert Fratta contracted to have his wife, Farah, murdered in Harris County, Texas, in 1995. The following facts about this high-profile case were drawn from a July 22, 2008 decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reversing Fratta’s capital murder conviction and death sentence. Fratta is undergoing a second capital murder trial in Harris County as of this posting.

            In 1983 Fratta worked as a public safety officer in Missouri City, Texas. Public safety officers in Missouri City were cross trained as police officers and firefighters. Fratta married Farah that year and the couple had three children. The marriage soon soured as Farah learned of Fratta’s bizarre and perverse sexual demands which, according to A&E’s popular American Justice program, included feces consumption for sexual gratification. Fratta’s sexual perversions were documented at his first trial by a psychologist, friends of Farah, and friends of Fratta.

            By March 1992 Farah could no longer endure the physical, emotional and sexual abuse Fratta was inflicting on her, she filed for a divorce. A divorce trial was set for November 1994. The couple underwent psychological evaluations to determine the parent most suited to be named conservator of the children. Once the divorce proceedings were underway, Fratta made it clear to a number of people that he wanted to see Farah dead. The gym where he worked out seemed to be the place he liked most to discuss his desire to either kill or have Farah killed. One of the cop’s work out acquaintances testified at the first trial that Fratta made comments about “putting some [9mm] slugs into Farah” following a fight with his wife.

He also liked to talk about killing Farah with his police buddies. One fellow Missouri police officer also testified about threatening comments Fratta had made to him about Farah. According to the officer, Fratta said “he would kill her (Farah) and he would be out in five years and get his kids back, but he wouldn’t pay her [child support payments].”

            Fratta was an arrogant man. He believed the universe revolved around him. The power of good looks, muscular physique, and the authority of being a cop consumed any normal remnants of modesty. He was also a bitter, angry man. The one woman with whom he had shared all his intimate secrets and sexual perversions had come to detest him. He no longer had any power over her. He told another fellow police officer that “I just ought, I’ll kill her, and I’ll do my time and when I get out, I’ll have my kids.”

            Fratta had another gym buddy named James Podhorsky who sometimes joined Fratta on excursions into Houston’s topless clubs. Podhorsky testified at trial that Fratta would carry a gun with him on these journeys into the city’s night life—something that didn’t sit well with Prodhorsky. He said Fratta told him that he [Fratta] carried the gun in case he ran into Farah at which time he would shoot her and make it look like a car jacking.

            It’s amazing that Fratta could tell fellow cops and  gym buddies that he wanted his wife dead and no one reported the threats to the police. But it gets even better than that. Fratta asked several other people if they knew anyone, particularly a black person, who would be willing to kill Farah. Two were women. One he met in a diner and the other he met through an online dating service. He even asked yet a third gym buddy if he knew anyone who would “knock [Farah] off.”

Yet on another occasion he and another fellow were discussing problems they were both having with their wives. Fratta suggested that the fellow officer kill Farah and he would kill the officer’s wife.

            Most of these people would later say they did not report Fratta’s threats because they had not taken them seriously; that they thought he was joking or blowing off steam. Anytime a man starts talking about killing his wife, either to her directly or to other people, he will eventually carry out the threats. I’ve known a significant number of wife killers. They are all same: cowards. They have to pump themselves up into a killing fever before they can carry out the act. It’s one thing to kill a person in a fit of anger or rage, perhaps unintentionally, but it’s quite another to carry out the act personally. Fratta apparently never could crank up his nerve to do the ugly deed himself, so he had to find someone else to do his dirty work. Fratta became so desperate to find a contract killer that he pressed Prodhorsky, who was having financial problems, to do the killing. He tried to convince Prodhorsky with the warped theory that he had let so many people know he wanted Farah dead that when she finally was killed, the police would not know how to conduct their investigation because there would be too many leads.

            On November 9, 1994, Fratta finally got the chance to put that warped theory into practice. He ate dinner with Farah and their three children at Wyatt’s Cafeteria. He then drove the three children to a Catholic church in Humble, Texas. He left two of them at the church’s nursery and took the oldest child to a catechism class. He then joined a church meeting set up for parents whose children were preparing for first communion. He was laying the groundwork for his alibi, even though he was not his normal cocky self and was drawing the attention of others at the church. One witness said he appeared “tense” when he dropped the children off at the nursery. Others witnesses said he kept leaving the parents meeting so he could make and answer phone calls in the parish office.

            Farah was a beautiful young woman. While she was afraid of her husband, there is no indication that she suspected he would either kill her or have someone else do it. The last night of her life she left a beauty salon at around 7:45 p.m. after getting a haircut. She went straight home and pulled into the driveway close to 8:00 p.m. It was at this point that neighbors from across the street, who were watching television in their living and from which they had a view of Farah’s house, heard a shot. One of the neighbors heard a scream, rushed to the window, and saw Farah fall to the ground next to her vehicle. A few moments later the neighbor heard a second shot. Several minutes later she saw either a black man or someone dressed in black standing beside Farah’s house. Another witness reported seeing a similar type person. A few minutes later a car drove up in front of Farah’s house, the killer got into the vehicle, and the vehicle sped away. Neighbors called 911 and Farah was rushed to Hermann Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead in the emergency room.

            The police quickly arrived at Farah’s house. One of the first officers there noticed Farah’s purse had not been touched. He knew it was not a robbery or a car jacking. Fratta arrived at the house half an hour or so later. He told one officer that “he was in a hurry and … wanted to expedite the matter” because he had his children with him. This blasé attitude would coincide with what investigators learned from other witnesses about Fratta’s odd behavior at the church earlier that evening. The police immediately absorbed the information that the husband showed no indication of sadness, surprise, much less concern. In fact, one detective observed that Fratta “seemed very confident, very composed [and] well in command of the situation.” This same detective questioned Fratta later that night and sensed the husband was not telling the truth. With Fratta’s consent, the detective searched Fratta’s vehicle in which he found more than a one thousand dollars in cash and a 9mm pistol

Fratta was detained in the homicide division at the police station for fourteen hours. He was questioned by several detectives—and while they all had their suspicions that he was involved in his wife’s death, they did not have probable cause to hold him. They let him go. The next day Fratta went to a tanning salon where Prodhorsky worked and told him: “if everybody keeps their mouth shut everything will be all right … [but] if shit ever hits the fan, just tell them that you went over there to scare her and the first bullet you shot  that went by her head actually grazed her and then you got scared and that’s when you fired the second shot.” Prodhorsky was not stupid. He realized Fratta was trying to shift the investigation toward him.

While the investigation into Farah’s murder remained active, it was not until March 1995 that Harris County Sheriff Department investigator Danny Billingsley placed the focus of the investigation on Howard Guidry after he was arrested on March 1st for robbing a local bank. The arresting officers found a .38 caliber pistol in his back pack. A few days after the Guidry’s arrest, a woman named Mary Gipp told a sheriff department investigator that Guidry had been involved in Farah’s murder. The detective ran a registration check on the .38 and learned the pistol had been purchased by Fratta in 1982. Farah’s father also identified the weapon as the one Fratta had given him in 1993 for safekeeping and retrieved it in 1994. A ballistic expert also told investigators that one of the bullet fragments recovered in Farah’s garage had been fired by the .38, and while another fragment had been too damaged to link to a specific weapon, it was identified as the remnant of a .38 slug.

It didn’t take much of a police effort to get Guidry to confess. He told Billingsley that on the afternoon of November 9, 1994, he and a man named Joseph Prystash drove to Farah’s house in Prystash’s vehicle. The duo then went to a nearby grocery store. They made calls to a pay phone located at the store to determine if it received calls. Having determined that it could receive calls, Psystash drove Guidry back to Farah’s house and dropped him off. Guidry carried the .38 and a cell phone given to him by Prystash. He climbed a fence in Farah’s backyard where he waited in a play house for her to return home. After a period of time Guidry became nervous when Farah did not returned home. He called Prytrash at the pay phone. Prystash instructed the triggerman to stay put.

Shortly afterwards, Farah returned home and pulled into the garage. Guidry exited the play house and tried to open a side door to the garage. The door was locked, so he just stood outside and waited for Farah to exit the garage. When Farah opened the door, Guidry stepped inside and shot her in the head. He shot her a second time in the head because she was still moving after the first bullet struck her. Guidry then walked back to the play house where he called Prystash. He told Prytrash the job was done and to come pick him up. He then climbed back over the fence in the backyard and hid behind a bush near the garage until Prystash arrived. Guidry said he had expected to receive $1,000 as soon as the killing was done.

Guidry’s confession led to Prystash’s arrest. He also confessed. His confession pretty much tracked what Guidry had told the police. Psystash said the cell phone he gave to Guidry belonged to Mary Gipp. Prystash confirmed that Guidry was suppose to get a $1,000 for carry out the contract killing while he (Prystash) was suppose to get a couple thousand and a Jeep.

The detectives finally had enough evidence to arrest Fratta who was subsequently indicted for capital murder. The State’s case against Fratta rested on the prosecutorial theory Fratta had made arrangements through Prystash to have Farah killed. Prystash secured the killing services of Guidry. Mary Gipp knew all the players. She was Prystash’s girlfriend, and she knew both Fratta and Farah from the gym where she and Prytash worked out. She lived next door to Guidry and knew about the murder plot but did nothing about it. Prystash and Guidry were tried separately and convicted of capital murder and sentenced to die but they did not testify against Fratta. Gipp did. While she had known for some time that Fratta wanted his wife killed, and she suspected he was recruiting Prystash to do it, it was not until the weekend before the actual killing that she knew Prystash had agreed to take part in the plot. She told the jury that on the night of the murder Guidry and Prystash returned to her apartment where they unloaded two spent shells from the .38, threw them away, and Prystash told her Farah had been killed.

While the Fifth Circuit properly ruled that Fratta’s confrontation rights had been violated because Billingsley had testified at Fratta’s trial about portions of Guidry and Prystash’s confessions without him having an opportunity to cross examine the two, there is little room to doubt Fratta guilt in this case. Former Harris County prosecutor Kelly Seigler refused to cut a deal with Prystash to have him testify against either or both Fratta and Guidry. Now that both Prystash and Guidry are sitting on death row there is no incentive for either to cooperate with the prosecution and testify against Fratta at his current trial. One or both of them might eventually do so out of spite if they believe Fratta will walk free and leave them holding the bag.

Cases like Fratta’s make argument against the death penalty difficult. He is the poster boy for death penalty advocates —a cop who hires a couple of thugs to kill his wife because he does not want to pay her child support. He tortured the women when they lived together as husband and wife and decided to kill her when she would no longer be a willing participant in his sexual perversions or a victim of his physical abuse.

There are some who even advocate Fratta’s cause of innocence. But the murder connections are inescapable. Howard Guidry was arrested with the murder weapon on him—a weapon registered to Fratta. Guidry lived next door to Mary Gipp. She was Prystash’s girlfriend. Gipp and Prystash worked out at the same gym with the Frattas. There are a thousand other little odds and ends that create reasonable inferences of guilt against Fratta—like the repeated threats, for example—but it’s these murder connections that convince me he is guilty of having his wife killed.

.I know a little about the law. I understand Fratta’s constitutional right of confrontation was grossly violated by Seigler’s ruthless prosecutorial tactics. She knew she couldn’t use Guidry/Psystash’s confessions against Fratta without allowing him an opportunity to confront and cross examine them as guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment. Instead of putting Guidry and Prystash on the witness stand, Seigler put Billingsley up there to testify about the two confessions; and while Billingsley never mentioned Fratta’s name, it was so clearly evident that Fratta had a right to cross examine both of them. Seigler could have made a deal with either or both Guidry and Prystash. She really didn’t try. She wanted three capital convictions and three death sentences to put in her death penalty hat.

If Robert Alan Fratta walks free, and some prominent legal experts are predicting he will, it will be because of Kelly Seigler putting her ruthless professional ambition before the realities of the case. The police did not have enough evidence to even arrest Fratta until they stumbled upon Guidry after his arrest for the bank robbery. Clearly, Seigler knew the only real provable connection between Fratta and the ruthless murder of her wife was through one or both of the murder participants. She didn’t do the deal.

The Fratta case personifies the corruption of the death penalty. It’s application is too often influenced by the political ambitions of pro-death penalty prosecutors. The whole time Seigler was pursuing death cases with former Harris County District Attorney Charles “Chuck” Rosenthal’s blessings, she had an obvious political ambition to one day be in Rosenthal’s chair and become the top prosecutor in the death penalty capital of America.

Personally, I think Robert Alan Fratta is despicable. As I’ve said, I’ve known many like him – wife killers, women abusers. They are no different on the social ladder than child molesters. But I don’t think he deserves to be executed by the State of Texas, anymore than I think any of the other inmates on death row should be executed. But his case still leaves a real bad taste in my mouth.






  1. Veronica Says:

    I was a neighbor with Bob Fratta when he lived on Deer Timbers. His kids played with my daughter. He did say to me he wished it was legal to kill his wife . His children are the ones that are going to suffer, AGAIN. I hope the Grandparents keep custody of the youngest. I’d hate for her to have to go back to her father after all these years.

  2. betsy Says:

    I believe Robert Fratta is innocent. If you read his “open letter to chuck Rosenthal there are so many inconsistensies. people realy need to check out what happened to miller . he was part of a meeting of the true hitman and who paid for hire. and robert’s name and robert was not there. I truely believe that prystash set him up. also people do not realize that the gun that was frattas was paid to prystash in exchange for work done on frattas car.. THAT is how it got in prystash and whoever else’s hands. as far as sexual preverances. c’mon. tell me how many men reading this does not have skeletons in their closet or fetishes they wish they could do and I doubt the one they brang up was even true. who cares what anyones fetish is anyways. people need to look at miller and all who were at that meetring. It will show roberts innoscence

  3. betsy Says:

    I also feel Texas need to figure out something with their legal system. where a prosecutor can try cases and get promoted and all for the sake of how many people she puts to dealth row? why does she not go and see the conditions these men are living in at the polunsky unit and others. these are humans. jail is one thing but torment and torture is another.

  4. Billy Sinclair Says:

    Betsy – hope you’re right. But I don’t believe you are. Why would two contract killers–or just killers for that matter–select Robert Fratta’s wife to kill? Billy Sinclair

  5. Billy Sinclair Says:

    Veronica – that will never happen, if Fratta is acquitted at current trial. The children will remain with grandparents. Billy Sinclair

  6. just me Says:

    the perversions ARE true but have no bearing on guilt or innocence. I know this for a fact. amber would not have to go back to her dad, shes too old now. lets just watch and see what happens, i think it could go either way. the da and the detectives did a lot of screwing up on this case, guilty or not and unfortunately that makes guilty men walk free sometimes.

  7. Regina Schmahl Says:

    Dear Mr. Sinclair,

    please contact me in private at my email address.
    It’s about the Fratta case.

    Thanks alot.

  8. maria Says:

    I was in the church that night and he kept getting up and he made eye contact with me and I couldn’t understand. I was there for a meeting for my little girls first communion ………I feel God is always in charge and will expose you for what you are

  9. Lori Says:

    He should FRY!!!! Lethal injection is too quick and painless for him. The death penalty would be an excellent deterrent if the years of appeals would become void. I believe the person should have a one year period from the time he or she is sentenced to death to provide new information. If nothing turns up then on day 366 fry them. Good Old Sparky, wish you would rise again. The fact of the matter is , our justice system has turned so far to the right for the accused until it is now a sham.

  10. Bob Says:

    Betsy, then why did Bob tell several people he wanted his wife dead? At the gym (was it Ballys in Humble?) and at the Missouri City PD, according to reports, are two places he openly discussed his desire to have his wife dead. I wish there would have been a change in venue, because who in Harris County had not heard of this case? Even though Guidry and Prystash did not testify last week, don’t you think the jury knew about their previous testimonies?

    I also question putting somebody to death when they did not do the actual shooting. Ms. Gipp is the person who could have prevented all this stuff. She had foreknowledge of the killing and said nothing. Instead, after the fact she was a RAT by narking on her ex-boyfriend. What a dim-wit. No wonder she’s got severe circles under her eyes and looks like she’s been run over by a Mack truck.

  11. Michael Says:

    I live with Mary and I know the truth. I was at the trial and saw fratta. What I saw was dead eyes.

  12. Kenneth Barr Says:

    Fratta was convicted once again. I agree wtih you that cases like his make arguing the case against capital punishment harder, yet locking people like him up for the rest of their natural lives makes more sense to me than killing them. Besides, Texas has a rotten record when it comes to convicting innocent people. I, like you, believe that Fratta is guilty but since this is Texas, I will never be absolutely sure of it.

  13. Ronnie Says:

    Robert Fratta bought that 1980 Jeep Cj-7 from me when I was 20 or 21 l can’t remember… He called himself Bob or Bobby gets fuzzy.. I hated to sell it but the engine threw a rod and I had no cash at the time to restore it. I placed an add in the green sheet and he was the first to show up with cash $1300. Told me “he wanted to fix the Jeep up before his divorce went through.” I think I remember the encounter so well because I hated to let go of the Jeep.

    I know this sounds weird but would anyone know where the jeep is today or how to find it? Auctioned off or impounded somewhere?

  14. NoWay Says:

    “Betsy” believes he is innocent only because if you read the articles in the chron she is going to be marrying him. Good luck

  15. Eugene Says:

    Betsy-unfortunately you are wrong. Robert Fratta was a very abusive man who had his wife killed. Prystasch and Guidry are two bafoons who lack the mental capacity to even scheme to have someone set up. The evidence is overwhelming. Is it possible a roid-rage, egotistical, narcassistic controlling man killed his wife because he was frustrated and mad? I think it is.

  16. Manual4390 Says:

    Mr Sinclair,
    Can you please contact me. I need your assistance.
    Thank you.

  17. Billy Sinclair Says:

    Christy – send me an email at and I will determine if I can provide assistance as you request. Billy Sinclair

  18. Ronni Says:

    I just watched the American Justice segment on this wife murderer and I am so relieved that he is on death row and hopefully will DIE SOON!! One thing that really got me was when he was interviewed on TV the day after his wife was murdered and he showed absolutely no remorse or concern! In fact he wiped some blood off his face, smiled and then winked at the TV camera! That along with all the incriminating evidence was a slam dunk case in my opinion!

  19. jaison Says:

    He is so guilty. The evidence is overwhelming and he should be put to death for the murder.

  20. Bryan 1957 Says:

    When is the execution date? I’ll supply the popcorn and soda. One more scumbag off the face of the earth. I wish we could put battery acid in his lethal injection so he can suffer awhile. Goodbye Bob you will not be missed….

  21. Bryan 1957 Says:

    To poor Betsy, Honey you need to get a life defending this murderer. He killed his wife plain and simple. His death can’t come quick and painfully enough. I don’t really get people like you and probably never will….Oh well…

  22. Nick Says:

    These “make him suffer” comments are as appaling as Fratta’s crime… But they probably reflect the real problem of crime in the USA: taste for violence at all level of society. Sad.

  23. Billy Sinclair Says:

    Nick – Unfortunately, our society is passing through a period of fear, paranoia, and suspicion – a social mileau receptive to primal emotions: the need for revenge, a collective desire to see others suffer, and an intolerance toward compassion and forgiveness. This is why the frontier “hang ‘em high” mindset reigns supreme in the State of Texas – and politicians are hell bent to cater to that mindset.

    As for the nation’s “crime problem,” the murder rate and levels of violent crime have been in a steady decline for nearly three decades. The “crime problem” is a fabrication of cable news channels driven by a need for ratings, and its been exploited by every victims interest group in this country. Believe me, the “crime problem” cannot possibly keep pace with the ever increasing pathological need by so many in our society to be “victims.” The ideology of victimization is far more dangerous to society than the infamous “crime problem.” Billy Sinclair

  24. Petra Herrmann Says:

    i know Robert many years ago. He was always correct to me. I dont know if he have done it, he always says No. When you write to him say HEY from Petra/Germany

  25. carny Says:

    I know of only one bird – the parrot – that talks; and it can’t fly very high.

  26. Laurence Smith Says:

    Of course Fratta should get the death penalty. I am truly at a loss for why people think a proven killer should get to live out his life completely while his victim had their life shortened. The overly ambitious District Attorney should have been fired or had her duties reduced greatly and never allowed to try a capital case again.

  27. William C Says:

    Burn this motherfucker in hell, then raise him up, and do it again.

  28. C F Knowles Says:

    Bob Fratta is guilty. That said, let’s pray that a custodian of the court and legal system such as Kelly Seigler, who’s ambitions and own theatrics as well as questionable ethical behavior had thrown the cases if many in Harris County into turmoil, guilty or not, gets her time in jail as well.

  29. donna Says:

    Just saw a show about this case. Mary Gipp could have save a woman’s life but it was too much of a hassle…easier to just stay out of it. She might as well have pulled the trigger herself. I don’t know how she can live with herself.

  30. Michele Says:

    I hope he burns in hell

  31. holly Says:

    He eats poop!!!

  32. Gary Says:

    I have to admit I saw this 48 Hours Mystery and Bob Fratta’s incredibly handsome looks almost knocked me off the couch. I immediately thought “what did he do?” I watched the episode and reviewed the case online. Typical, the handsome,charming and its all about me, people. Remember him looking at himself in the mirror and being more concerned with himself? I can bullshit the drawers off the Blessed Mother. I don’t want her to have custody and I’ll have to pay child support. I’m entitled to getting what I want. I always have.
    OK..He should have found a partner who was into the same shit as he was, pardon the pun.
    No one did anything when he kept knocking on doors to get someone else to do the job, the police included. If you knock on enough doors, one eventually will open.
    His claim is he didn’t do it, he just got someone else to do it so he doesn’t deserve to die.
    Well if you didn’t instigate it, it wouldn’t have happened.
    Beauty fades, dumb is forever. I hope they find a needle as big as his ego. We won’t even talk about self-centered Mary Gipp.

    This case gives a whole new meaning to “eat shit and die”

  33. Miss Brown Says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, there’s one thing to have a fetish, and then there’s this guy! There’s just some things you just don’t do! The lady that feels that he’s innocent, have you ever went that far? To agree with something as nasty as that, what could you be thinking? I’ve followed this case since it first began, back when Miss Baquer first died, it was on American Justice. No one should have to live that kind of disgust.That is beyond the norm, there’s a difference between fetish and filth.No human being should have to endure that sort of behavior.Not to even mention the children should have to be without a mom all because she’s not into that kind of thing. So to me she died because she had class and was not a freak.

  34. Miss Brown Says:

    Donna I truly agree with that, how could she live with herself. That would haunt me for the rest of my life. And she knew Miss Baquer from the gym, I’m sorry for what I’m about to say, but I think that she was waiting on the money. Who’s to say that she might have been a druggie and waiting to get a fix, according to the show 48hrs. it said that she and her man had sex after he took Miss Baquer’s life. How sick is that? And what was pissing me off, she kept smiling through the interview, what in the hell was so funny? She shouldn’t have gotten a deal, she should have went to jail for having that much knowledge and not a reporting it. What if the shoe was on the other foot?


    […] Alan Fratta is one of those inmates. I have written about Fratta’s case in two previous blogs. and It is obvious from a reading of those posts that I […]

  36. friend Says:

    i am friends with all of your children and you are a peice of shit!!!! i know!!!!!!!!!

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  38. Micka Says:

    In this case and many other cases, differences of opinion will always occur. I just watched this on 48hrs and I was appalled at the way Robert Fratta smiled in the camera during his first interview. To me that spells a guilty man. Even when the detective asked him what should happen to someone who has their wife killed and he said it depends on the circumstances, WTF…I mean really? What makes it more sad besides the fact three innocent children were left without parents, is this poor woman was executed for 1000.00 dollars?? Seriously, no amount of money can compare to a person’s life but its just even worse to me that this man valued her life just that much and someone could be willing do commit a crime like that. It just disgusts me to think of the people who commit these crimes and think they get away. I for one believe they all should be serving life if not on death row, and that includes Mary Gipp. All I could think about as I watched her interview was how much of a cold, heartless evil bitch she is and how I hope she had a life of misery, which from the looks of her she’s led a harsh life. How can someone live with knowing they helped directly or indirectly someone else to be murdered? Life is so precious and we only receive one, who are these people to have decided that this woman should not have lived?

    As for those with opinions on death penalty or not…honestly I thank God I’ve never been placed in a position where one of my love ones was murdered, so I can’t say, but I do believe the death penalty is the easy way out. When I hear of how someone murdered another, the suffering they inflicted on their victims and then they get the death penalty and basically are put to sleep it sounds ridiculous. People should suffer for their crimes, at least with life in prison, no parole, they stand a better chance of being confined, however in my belief in God, I know there is no stronger or worse punishment than the wrath of God.

  39. Cristobal Kassulke Says:

    An incredible write-up.

  40. friend2 Says:

    I know friends and family also. He made it a point that night at church to make contact with people who he never talked to, who he knew couldn’t stand him for all he had done thus far to his wife. He made it a point to make verbal contact with people who he NEVER spoke to. That alone screams guilty. Not to mention the gun was HIS.
    To Friend- I AGREE!

  41. BILL RIGNEY Says:

    to me it would be hard to recall ever seeing a more self consumed, full of himself piece of shit. i hope he finds a good boyfriend in livingston.

  42. James Martinelli Says:

    I know he is Guilty of Murder . And now must pay the price !

  43. ardis Says:

    this guy is right where he belongs
    locked up

    keep him locked up!

  44. Cathy Says:

    I’ve lived in Texas most of my life. I go back and forth with my feelings about the death penalty. I am not god, so why should I have the right to make that decision.

    I am from the area where this happened, and worked next door to the bank that Guidry robbed, I was friends with those tellars! I was watching a rerun about this case this morning, and forgot how sad it all was. That poor woman, their children, and her parents, so many lives he so selfishly destroyed. Not to mention his own parents!

    This case is one of the many over the years that will make me say to myself, If you can’t handle being given a Death Sentence, then stay out of Texas!

  45. Carol Says:

    I worked with Farah, and had lunch with her 1 month before she was killed. She told me how he’d previously tried to have her killed … and she knew he was going to kill her. The day he dies, the prison will be lined with Farah’s friends and co-workers bidding him a “fond farewell”. He’s an asswipe.

  46. Steve Says:

    This guy is a complete narcissistic sociopath (with bad breath). He wasn’t deterred by the death penalty because according to him, Texas cops couldn’t catch a cold. I can’t believe so many people failed to stop him since he told practically anyone he met how much he wished his exwife was dead.

  47. Michelle Says:

    I know all three of the kids (who are all grown up now) and knew the family!.. Whoever feels that he is innocent is CRAZY! He is definitely guilty and should be punished to the upmost degree… The kids will forever suffer…

  48. cq Says:

    He is exactly where he belongs. The steroids have f’ed his brain so much along with his massive ego, take a life, the state will take yours….answer questions? Father of 3 kids, your parents did not raise you well did they prick?

  49. Scott Says:

    Betsy? You have got to be kidding? You can type and use a computer. So what the hell is wrong with your head?

    Are you a poop muncher?

  50. SAL Says:

    what about that piece of #$%$# mary gipp…….she should be in jail….

  51. Lorene Says:

    Glad that the kids were adopted by the maternal grandparents and that they took their mother’s maiden name! Maybe that can help some with the healing. I hope that piece of crap, low life rots in prison, and then in Hell! God bless that poor family that had the misfortune of meeting this psychopath!

  52. Suze Says:

    Just saw this on TV what was his attorney giving Fratta nude pictures of herself? Randy McDonald is a great attorney, how did he get mixed up with this loser lawyer??

  53. David Says:

    I think that it should be illegal for the prosecutor to offer any type of immunity to anyone regarding any type of case they are involved in. Mary Gipp is just as guilty as the others who have been deemed guilty in this case but three men are on death row and one woman (Mary Gipp) walks free. PITY the prosecutor who offered this immunity! Shame on the Harris County Prosecutors office for allowing this to happen!

  54. Newbie Says:

    Is there an execution date set for this scum bag?

  55. Billy Sinclair Says:

    Not yet. Billy Sinclair

  56. Gail Jones Says:

    Some of us in CA marvel at how quickly death sentences are carried out in Texas, but it seems like this one is taking way too long. There is so much evidence against
    this twisted piece of shit that I can’t believe he was granted a second trial. Curses to the defense attorneys who try to free a murderer who they know damn well is guilty! Maybe there is a special place in hell for them. And maybe that place is right alongside that ilk of woman who sends nude pictures and lusts after men who commit heinous crimes.

  57. Annie Says:

    I’m from Texas, and was attacked by a stalker at my door, that sprayed me in the eyes with pepper mace, and tried to drag me into my house by the back of my hair. Luckily, I had an ax behind the door from doing some previous gardening work. I was able to defend myself, and my attacker took off. I’ve been there. I’ve gone through it. Even though I was attacked in Texas, I KNEW I was able to at least defend myself against someone I am sure would have killed me. And don’t get it twisted, the rights of perpetrators FAR outweigh their victims in California. And I was a liberal, and did not believe in the death penalty, or guns, until I saw what evil can come from a person when they feel as though they will get away with it. And they always think they can get away with it, at the point to which they are planning/doing it. So many people can sit on that high throne against the death penalty, and hope against hope you do not have to defend a child against such an animal, and truly I hope no one ever has to go through what I’ve went through, or other victims of violent crimes, because then you will realize that NO ONE is safe from an animal, and these are not humans with souls, anymore. They are animals. Rabid animals that must be put down. If you saw a pit bull, attacking the jugular of YOUR child- would you believe it is ok to help your child? Or would you stand so firmly against this, that you would sacrifice your innocent child, because you do not have the guts to stand for what is right. Real life is hard, real life is ugly, and real life can be dark. If you know there is this side, and accept it, you are prepared to defend. I am glad he is on death row, and glad he is going to fry. It disturbs me that it is costing the state money to retry this scum, when there is an unbelievable amount of evidence to his guilt. But, it saves me the time, and energy. Because if I saw him in public, walking free, in Texas, I would consider it self defense. And as for that woman that’s going to marry him- get real, he’s a dead man; this is evidence that there can be even sicker men than the one getting executed. Some women have absolutely NO self respect, and are out for attention, because they no they are so sick in the head, that no normal man would want to be with them. And they are right.

  58. Annie Says:

    As for “Billy” whom I can only gather is the defense, because he talks as though he has Stockholme Syndrome, (or has much money/notoriety to gain):

    “Believe me, the “crime problem” cannot possibly keep pace with the ever increasing pathological need by so many in our society to be “victims.” The ideology of victimization is far more dangerous to society than the infamous “crime problem.” Billy Sinclair

    You are not fooling anyone. We have eyes, we have ears; we have not been living in a cave. We can all see how degenerated this world has become, as the population increases at an alarming rate. This one reason alone, shows your “logic” to be faulty. It is completely false for you to state otherwise. There is a good saying: “It is better to remain silent, and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”.
    But I like this one better:
    “When you walk through the darkness, and defend the actions of those that walk in the dark, you will stumble, but you will know not what ensnares your ankles”.
    In other words, don’t become prey to your own words. Remember your words, because one day, you will either die by them, or become a complete liar in the process. Pride goeth before the fall. Take heed in the lessons in your case, lest you one day fall victim to your own defense…
    (It is unwise to say there isn’t a crime problem, when there is- if you lie about it, you will not be able to handle/change a circumstance/violent crime when it happens to you- you will just make it more ironic by falling victim to your own false words)

  59. Will Grady Says:

    Thank goodness for the death penalty in Texas (especially for this psychopath).
    Save my taxes and let the juice flow soon

  60. CD Says:

    how the hell does anyone think he is innocent. he is a b…..

  61. Heather Says:

    He is as guilty as they come, just like Casey Anthony. This man wanted to torture his wife with his disgusting fantasies and sexual desires. Who in their right mind would not REPORT someone who wants to half their wife nixed. I mean really, what the hell is wrong with today’s society. If anyone tol dme they wished their significant other, child, parent anything to be killed, it would be game on. I don’t care how “screwed” up you are, there’s no excuse for comments like that, and Mary Gipp,she should be serving life without parole. Aiding in a murder. She let a poor innocent woman be killed, and THEN had sex when the killer told her she was dead. Ya Mary you’re awesome. You selfish bitch.

  62. Thomas Says:

    Although he won a new trial in 2007 on inadmissable evidence grounds, was again resentenced to death on 05/19/09 after a retrial, which appeared to be solid and free of hearsay testimony and determined that Mrs. Frata was killed with the defendant’s own gun, among other factors. Two trials with same results. Will there be an encore? They say that third time is a charm, or maybe not…

    Anyway – Mr. Fratta has now found God in his life as he writes on a website a fellow death row inmate Thomas Bartlett Whitaker owns. Something to the effect that he enjoys fellowshipping w/God” and so on. This is, at least, one positive aspect of the rest of the man’s days. I am convinced that his past as it relates to the EVENTand his perversions, torment him daily.

  63. Matt Says:

    Anybody who believes Robert Fratta is innocent is missing a few (millions) brain cells. COME ON PEOPLE!!!!! It’s as though some of the people commenting here are incapable of accepting the fact that certain people do really bad things.

    I also don’t understand the author’s conclusion that “he doesn’t deserve to be executed.” WHY NOT??? You give absolutely no reason why he should not be executed. He has had three trials, and he was given the death penalty by all three juries of his peers. His own children want him to be executed, after having spoken to him and discovering that he has no remorse whatsoever.

    And “Thomas,” I also think you are naive to think that a textbook example of a sociopath (a person with no conscious) is now “tormented” everyday by what he has done. Remember, he has not even admitted he did it.

    Let’s wake up and smell the coffee people!!! If you kill your wife in cold blood, you don’t deserve sympathy; particularly from anti-death penalty groupies who apparently think that everyone is either innocent or sitting in prison weeping over what they have done.

  64. SLANDGAL Says:

    Is there an execution date yet?

  65. ukraine band Says:

    If you can smile when things go wrong, you have someone in mind to blame!

  66. amyloubrennan Says:

    Did Farah live in Pittsburgh and work for Usair aroung 1989? She looks like a girl I worked with. We were pregnant at the same time and our boys were born 1 week apart, Feb looks like her and the first name is the same. God bless her and her family.

  67. meechy Says:

    Give me a break!! There’s the murder, then the aftermath and the investigation.Now never mind what Bob did before the murder. It’s his actions after the murder that give me pause. You know those pretty-boy cops you see in the movies, you know the ones that cheat on their wives with lonely housewives and battered women, and yes even their own partner’s wives? Well, he’s got the look. Does that make him guilty? No, but at the same time it’s his character and the type of person he is that’s being called into question. And then to go in front of a (news camera) posing for the cameras and making light of this situation, when his wife had just been murdered. I thought the Prosecution did a great job exposing him for the trash he is. And when he’s executed,the world will finally be rid of one of the most evil people that ever walked this planet. I’m so glad they didn’t give up and let him get away with what he did to the mother of his own children. It makes me sick to my stomach, when I hear defense attorneys twist and manipulate the facts to fit their claims. Look fellas (defense attorneys) I know you have to earn a living. But do you have to defend someone so obviously guilty? I mean, I even understand that everyone is entitled to a proper defence.But before I defend a lying arrogant loser like him. I’ll change careers!

  68. Diane Says:

    Come on now meechy the world has millions of worst people then Bob. The most evil people to wak this earth was bin laden hitler, charlie manson are you kidding me. BTW meechy yes everyone has the civil right to fair trial. I have a question for meechy and I don’t was to make this a bitch fest do you have children?

  69. David Says:

    I was the manager at Ballys in Humble during this time and saw Bob and Farrah frequent the gym. Bob was a pervert and womanizer. On numerous occasions he spent his time hitting on my instructors. When i was informed of murder, me nor my staff were remotely shocked.

  70. Stacey Says:

    The 48 Hours episode about this case just ended a few minutes ago. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t remember anything about this case, so I looked it up online. I still don’t remember anything about it. I’m shocked at myself.

    I suspect Farah woudn’t be alive today even if Robert’s “friends” and acquaintances had reported his talking about killing her to police. What’s the worst that would have happened to him if it had been reported? Maybe an arrest and on overnight stay in jail before being released on bail to await trial, and then an order of protection requiring that he stay away from her. Well, we all know how well those work, right? He would have been madder and have killed her anyway, or had someone else do it.

    So, while certainly everyone who was involved in discussions with Robert Fratta about killing his wife SHOULD have reported it, I don’t think the outcome would have been any different. People like Fratta wouldn’t have let that stop him from his goal.

    Sad but true.

  71. Bryan C. Says:

    I know HE IS GUILTY but no one is looking at how AMBITIOUS these District Attornies have become in order to be PROMOTED? They broke ALl of the ethical judicial conduct protocols and procedures to induce a guilty conviction. Question what happens if this was actually a person who was INNOCENT? In the pursuit of justice the conducts of Prosecuting Attornies should be overlooked as in this case? I know our Justice System is NOT perfect but come on this was such a blatant case of District Attorney misconduct if there ever was one! God Bless the children in this sad case that will forever be scarred.

  72. Diane 1956 Says:

    I believer Robert Is innocent. The lawyers are the ones who screw up.

  73. Diane 1956 Says:

    How about the many men that were put to death. DNA is a beautiful thing. Now hte real criminals will be put behind bars. I don’t care what comments people make. If Robert Fratta walks it’s because he deserves to.

  74. Diane 1956 Says:

    It’a such a shame. This country let’s child molesters walk. People abuse their children. Child services put babies back in horrible homes only to be murdered by their parents. BLAME THE SYSTEM………. IT’S FLAWED. NO ONE WANTS TO FIX IT. IT’S TO EASY TO TURN THEIR HEADS.

    SHAME ON THE SYSTEM………….. As for Robert Fratta. If the system screwed up then so be it. I believe he was set up.

  75. Thomas Rykala Says:

    Diane, Fratta’s accomplices are on death row with him. How is that equate with having been set up in your calculus? Just wondering. Also, his new trial was not the result of any new evidence but rather a technicality dealing with cross examination of witnesses. Read this exerpt from Billy’s post “There are some who even advocate Fratta’s cause of innocence. But the murder connections are inescapable. Howard Guidry was arrested with the murder weapon on him—a weapon registered to Fratta. Guidry lived next door to Mary Gipp. She was Prystash’s girlfriend. Gipp and Prystash worked out at the same gym with the Frattas. There are a thousand other little odds and ends that create reasonable inferences of guilt against Fratta—like the repeated threats, for example—but it’s these murder connections that convince me he is guilty of having his wife killed.”


    As I have written in this post last year, Fratta is newly born Christian and “fellowships with God daily” (his words). Anyone who finds God in prison and becomes fanatical about it, is in my mind, guilty beyond doubt.

  76. Laurie Says:

    He is totally guilty – lock him up for life actually….. no give him the needle……..those poor children thank….. goodness they changed their names

  77. Martin C. Says:

    I just viewed this on “Hard Evidence” for the very first time. I agree with the other
    comment — Mary Gibb was going to benefit in a black mail scheme by Prystash, after the murder. That explains why she did nothing to prevent it. Blood on her hands. Fratta should be hung by his genitals.

  78. julie cole Says:

    i have seen the episode of hard evidence three times now, and i truly believe in my heart, that he payed to have her killed. i pray her children can get on with their lives and remember the loving moments with their mother. may god be merciful to the family, but may god also show no mercy to the person who took his name in vain to cover up his crime.

  79. Matt in Virginia Says:

    I just want to point out that Bob Fratta’s case illustrates the hypocrisy of many anti-death penalty activists. Let me start by saying that those against the death penalty (which you have every right to be) infuriate many people b/c the murderers on death row tend to get a lot of sympathy and attention, even when evidence is profoundly overwhelming. In other words, activists are willing to prop up and feed the ego of a cold blooded murderer in order to advance their own cause. From the comments above, it seems that 99% are in agreement that Fratta is a horrible man who orchestrated the murder of his wife so he wouldn’t have to pay child support. As Billy Sinclair says in the above article, it’s very hard to like Robert Fratta, and he’s the “poster boy for the death penalty.” But then Mr. Sinclair falls back on a cliched argument by those against the death penalty: Faulting prosecutorial misconduct and political ambition. What Mr. Sinclair and others fail to realize is that this very case proves that safe guards are in place. Bob Fratta, who is so obviously guilty, and where the evidence presented at trial was overwhelming…even HE got a new trial based on appellate safe guards. In other words, the system worked, and a death row inmate’s rights were protected through our justice system. This happens time and time again, but no one talks about the cases that are overturned on appeal when taking about “Texas justice” and “many innocent people on Texas death row.” You see where I’m going here? Please understand the consequences of propping up narcissistic sociopaths on death row by claiming they are “innocent,” without truly understanding the facts of the cases, or the safe guards that are in place in our judicial system.

  80. Steve Says:

    I used to talk to Fratta when he would drink coffee at Jack-nthe-Box across from 3841 Bellaire. His hatred of his estranged wife and his wish that she was dead always seemed to worm their way into any conversation I had with him. I didn’t think he would be so stupid as to actually have her killed since practically everybody whom he had contact with knew that he hated Farrah and wanted her dead. I find it discouraging that Missouri City deemed Fratta fit enough to be a police officer. There was probably several people with morals and a conscience who applied for the same position he did but were not hired. As for the death penalty, well it is basically a monster to terrify other monsters. Fratta, however, thought he was to slick and smart to be caught by the monster and he thought wrong.

  81. Steve Says:

    After viewing the 48 Hours “Thou Shalt Not Kill” episode about the Fratta case I think Fratta will not be executed. SCOTUS will save him but at least he’ll have a couple of decades behind bars before he gets out. Guidry and Prystash won’t be so fortunate.

  82. Clay princess Says:

    I just watched city confidential on this case. Fratta is a loser and will hopefully be killed on death row soon. I wish all the best to Farahs 3 beautiful children.

  83. anthony Says:

    thats the problem we have a justice that worked in this case and yoi have peolple that just don`t get. the man is a muderer period

  84. anthony parto Says:

    the man is a muderer period

  85. Ruth Says:

    I am so saddened by this horrible situation. I pray for those children, to have to endure that amount of grief at such a young age… For that man to take their mommy away, it’s disgusting and makes me literally sick to my stomache. I’m sure all these years later they have learned to cope… thank God and thank God for those grandparents. May you all find peace.
    How this man is punished on earth may not seem like enough, but rest assured, God will settle the score…

  86. southampton v fulham live Says:

    Usually I don’t read post on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very compelled me to try and do it! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thanks, very nice article.

  87. tom allen Says:

    Annie amen keep preaching , and Michael your real brave to live with mary just be careful when you hear that laugh, shrs up to no good

  88. Mike Says:

    I was stationed and worked for the County Ambulance Service that provided EMS. services to Mo. City, Texas at the Fire Station #1 that Bob Fratta worked at from 1982 till he was fired and arrested in 1994. I can say that he was really stuck on himself and spent numberous hrs. of each 24 hr. shift., standing in front, of the mirrors, in the restroom, primping and “admiring” himself. He was a very strange fellow indeed.

  89. szybkie pozyczki bez bik Says:

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  90. Robert Says:

    Knowing what I know about the Harris County Judicial System it is apparrent that Chuck Rosenthal had a win at all cost attitude regardless of guilt or innocence. It is entirely possible that this individual used the alleged 38 as payment for repair work on the Jeep. It is also possible a dispute arose about the amount of payment and thus there was a motive for revenge by one of the two alleged trigger men. I don’t think the theory that Fratta had his children and was to return them to their mother that night was considered. Perhaps the trigger men were waiting on Fratta to kill him. I never saw any evidence of phone records from the call from the church to Ms. Gibbs took place. In fact I don’t believe there are outgoing call records kept for that purpose. If there was indeed a call made it might have been made to discuss resoultion on the dispute about payment on the Jeep repair. I know Danny Billingsly personally and he is know to cut corners in order to make cases. Perhaps during his investigation of Fratta he obtained a list of members of the gym and discovered that one member had a police record. This would justify him taking his theory and connecting the dots to make his case. It is undisputed that Fratta talked to people at the church that did not really care for him. So what I do this at my church. There is no crime in being social. So what if he made a call to the gentleman from the church. He may have just been calling to say the meeting was longer than he expected and he would be late dropping off his children at the house he was paying for. Even if you consider the evidence presented by the then 7 year old son about his dad stopping to make a call, noone ever asked for an explanation for why he made the call. After all he was a public servant in Missouri City and subject to be on call at all times. When you weigh the fact that he allegedly made comments about wanting his wife killed and NOONE reported this to authorities bothers me. If the comment was made to fellow officers then waht does that say for Missouri City. They have an obligation to report something like that even if done off the record. To topp it all off you have Ms. Gibbs saying she knew about the plot and did nothing and then she receives immunity from any prosecution. I say what looks like a DUCK and Quacks like a Duck is a Duck. Based on the facts it appears she was in this up to her ears regardless of the motive and yet walks away scott free. As to Fratta’s alleged attitude, what do you expect. His wife has made serious allegations under oath that were never substantiated against Fratta and was taking action to keep his children from him. If that were my wife I wouldn’t have pissed on her to put her out. I personally would have been dancing a jig because I no longer had to deal with her. I am sure he was sorry for the children because they lost their miother. Anyone that has ever dealt with a YANKEE knows they always appear arrogant. It’s in the New Yorker personality traits. I can’t blame Fratta for venting about the situation. Anyone that has any experience with divorce proceedings knows thins esculate in the biginning and as time goes on things tend to manage to work themselves out. I know when my wife divorced her ex the fight was brutal about everything including the kids. There were allegations of abuse to the children and disputes over visitation and child support. I finally convinced my wife to let it go and if he wanted full custody to let him have it. By the end of the first weekend he was calling wanting to bring the kids back. Ever since then we have had a good relationship with her ex.

    While I was not at the actual trials and certainly don’t condone killing your wife, I think everyone is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. What I have just done is raise reasonable doubt to consider. Death is final. There is no “take backs”. The only people who know for sure are GOD and the shooters themselves. Neither one of them are talking. I know of no direct testimony to indicate Ms. Gibbs was present when any alleged plot was discussed.

    I can sympathize with the family they want someone to pay for their daughter’s death. This is normal behavior in the grieving process. I am pleased to know that the children have grown up and are leading productive lives. I still follow the Crisitan philosophy of Judge Not and Ye will not be Judged. If the State of Texas is wrong, how will these children be able to deal with the fact that their father was killed as an innocent person for the death of their mother.

    I have personal experience with regard to a loved one’s death. I had a daughter shot in the head execution style. This crime was investigated by Harris County. When everything was sorted out in court, the gentleman that performed the shooting was convicted of manslaughter and received 10 years. Yes I was hurt. I felt the jury did the wrong thing convicting him of a lesser charge than murder. Yes I wanted to scratch out his eveballs, but the christian thing to do was to forgive knowing he would have to answer to his maker when the time came.

    Things are not always as they appear. Mistakes are made and the typical juror has difficulty sorting between fact and fiction. The lawyers know the law and the Judges also are supposed to remain impartial and base decisions on the facts. This does not always happen in Harris County.

  91. Robert Says:

    Better one guilty man go free than 10 innocent men be punished.

  92. Rob H. Says:

    Rob H.,
    Bob Fratta is guilty along with all his conspirators. They should all have received the death penalty, including the one person who could have saved her, the heartless Mary Gipp. I would personally throw the switch, or inject all of them. God bless the children who had to live with the loss of their mother and watch their monster of a biological father smile, joke and flirt during the trial. A truly evil man. Bless all the families affected.


    Rob Howard
    U. S. Navy
    Special Forces (Ret.)

  93. Greg D. Says:

    I agree with David S. I worked there as well. Perv

  94. bobbie Says:

    i think bob did not do this every day people get charged with crimes thay didnt do , he may not have been a good husband or father but that doesnt make you a killer it just makes you a piece of shit

  95. teri Says:


  96. 11/1994 – The Case Against Robert Alan Fratta – Crime Courage Redemption | Says:

    […] The Case Against Robert Alan Fratta This entry was posted in Uncategorized on March 29, 2013 by Civilians Down. […]

  97. Sapphire Says:

    What a despicable character…it is now 2014 and this case has been updated…I’m elated to know that this man will no longer be a threat to anyone and that justice has been served, knowing he’s paying and will continue to pay the ultimate price for taking the life of another, the mother of his orphaned children (if not for her parents, that is).

  98. Pat Says:

    He should fry

  99. Jay Says:

    I think Mary Gibbs should be put to death. She should never have gained immunity and she will have to answer at the gates of for her crimes live you r life well Mary Gibbs because when you leave the mortal world you will burn in hell.

  100. Jay Says:

    And for Betsy she is the most ignorant person I have read a post from.

  101. Jay Says:

    Bobbie your a scumbag too

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