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Written By: Billy Sinclair

           The West Memphis Three case is a problem for anyone trying to research it: to wade through nearly two decades of misinformation, slanted perspectives, and “new evidence” on both sides of the spectrum, guilt and innocence. Neither side will ever convince the other of the merits of their views and “evidence” about the case. In effect, the guilt or innocence of not only the West Memphis Three defendants or any current (or future) suspects in the brutal triple murder of Stevie Branch, Christopher Myers, and Michael Moore—all three of whom were 8-year-old boy scouts—on May 5, 1993 in an area known as “Robin Hood Hills” in West Memphis, Arkansas will probably never be truly determined.

            The most recent suspect is Terry Hobbs, the former stepfather of Steve Branch. Local suspicion in some areas apparently centered on Hobbs shortly after the boys’ bodies were discovered on May 6, 1993. These rumors were apparently fueled by Hobbs’ wife and Steve Branch’s biological mother, Pamela, according to what Hobbs told police investigators in June 2007 interview. Yet she continued to live with Hobbs until 2002 at which time their marriage began to unravel. It was at this point that Pam Hobbs give the West Memphis Three defense team 14 or 15 knives owned by her husband—one of which she identified as belonging to her son; that the boy carried it with him at all times; and that he would have had on him the day he was killed. This further fueled suspicions that Hobbs was the killer (or one of the killers) of the boys.

            The “Hobbs-as-the-killer” theory reached critical mass in 2007 when DNA testing of evidence recovered from the crime scene excluded the West Memphis Three as its sources. Two hairs—one found in the ligature that bound Michael Moore and another hair found on a tree stump near where the boys’ bodies were recovered—were consistent with Terry Hobbs and his friend, David Jacoby. Terry Hobbs was at Jacoby’s residence in the late afternoon of the murders, and the West Memphis Three defense team theorized he could have picked up the Jacoby hair while at the residence. The defense team apparently does not believe Jacoby was involved in the murders.

            The new DNA evidence, which indicated the none of the West Memphis Three had been at the crime scene while Terry Hobbs may well have been, was bolstered by additional “new evidence;” namely, six nationally prominent forensic experts who examined photos and evidence in the case and uniformly concluded that the mutilation wounds found on the boys’ bodies had been caused by animal predation, not knife wounds as state prosecutors had alleged throughout the trials of the West Memphis Three. This evidence was critical because the prosecution had presented the theory that the three boys were killed as part of a Satan ritual with mutilation of their bodies being part of that ritual.

            But let’s examine these four indicators of guilt-evidence against Hobbs. The initial rumors by Pam Hobbs can easily be discounted because she continued to live with the man for the next nine years. Why would the mother of a murdered son continue to live with the man she suspected of killing her son? Defies logic.

            Next, there’s Pam Hobbs’ identification of one of the 14 or 15 Terry Hobbs knives she turned over to the West Memphis defense team in 2002 as belonging to her son. This evidence is also highly suspect. She knew her husband had knives all over their house. Why did it take her nine years to realize that one of them was her son’s favorite knife? And why was the discovery made during a time when she was embroiled in a bitter separation with her husband? The Pam Hobbs so-called evidence against Terry Hobbs is simply not credible, either in a courtroom or a barroom.

            As for the two hairs found at the crime scene, I do believe one belonged to Terry Hobbs and the other belonged to David Jacoby. I also believe Hobbs at some point probably picked up the Jacoby hair while visiting the Jacoby residence (as the defense team theorized) but probably not on the day the murders occurred. Just as the West Memphis Three defense theorized that Jacoby’s hair was transferred to Hobbs, I believe both strands of Hobbs’ and Jacoby’s hair could have been transferred to Steve Branch at the Hobbs residence or inside the Hobbs vehicle days before the murders occurred which could account for their presence at the crime scene. In other words, the hairs could have been to the crime scene by Steve Branch, not the killer(s).

            As for the animal predation issue, the prosecution could also easily find six “nationally prominent” forensic experts to examine the same photos and evidence examined by the West Memphis Three forensic experts and reach the opposite conclusion; namely, that the mutilation to the boys’ bodies had been caused by a knife, not animal predation. Forensic evidence, and the experts who promote it (either for the prosecution or the defense), is in a state of professional dispute (here, here, here, here, here) and this evidence really has no business in a court of law until all of its specific protocols are validated. In this case, animal predation. I would have to know what scientifically recognized protocols these so-called “forensic experts” used to reach their wild animal predation conclusion based on photo analysis. Their “opinions” alone are worth about as much as a three dollar bill at a bank teller’s window.

            The only “wild animals” in the West Memphis area are raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and occasional coyotes. The three boys were last seen alive about 6:30 p.m. on May 5 and their bodies were discovered at approximately 9:00 a.m. the following morning. That’s not a lot of time for wild animals to inflict the kind of damage to the bodies which has been described in various media accounts and evidence photos—and certainly not by the kind of “wild animals” which may have been in the Robin Hood Hills area. Raccoons may have done some of the damage but their diet in spring and early summer is mostly insects and worms, and while opossums will eat carrion, the bodies of the boys did not have sufficient time to start the decaying process where it would have been a carrion food source.

            Regardless of whether the mutilation to the boys’ bodies were caused by knives or animal predation, the possibility that they were killed as part of a “satanic ritual” killing is not necessarily eliminated by either theory. Satanic rituals, and the popular belief that human sacrifice and killings were associated with them, was a national phenomenon in the 1980s through the first half of the 1990s. There is some evidence that “satanic meetings” occurred in West Memphis in the early 1990s. Did Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin or Jesse Miskelley attend any of these meetings? There is no concrete evidence that they did; however, there is credible evidence that Echols had an interest in the occult and Satanism. Does this mean Echols had to be involved in the murders? Certainly not. It is simply a point of interest worth noting—just as the strands of Hobbs/Jacoby hairs recovered at the crime scene, standing alone, are points of interest worth noting.

           While they are under no legal obligation to prove their innocence, Terry Hobbs and David Jacoby have a social responsibility to the West Memphis community and the Arkansas criminal justice system to do whatever they can to disprove the rumors and suspicions about their possible involvement in the murders of Steve Branch, Christopher Byers and Michael Moore. The West Memphis police department, in conjunction with the local district attorney’s office, should request that Hobbs and Jacoby undergo polygraph examinations, truth serum tests, and truth seeking evaluations in a controlled environment approved and monitored by the West Memphis Three defense team. West Memphis police and prosecutors, who have come under intense scrutiny and criticism in this case, have an ethical obligation to do everything they can to clear up the suspicions against Hobbs/Jacoby in order to protect the integrity of their case against the West Memphis Three. By eliminating Hobbs/Jacoby as possible suspects, the incriminating evidence against the West Memphis Three—and there is a significant amount of it—can be better weighed and analyzed.


  1. Melissa Says:

    You made the statement that there is significant evidence against the West Memphis Three but you did not delineate what this evidence was. I can only surmise you mean to suggest that this refers to the lake knife. You probably know by now that the WMPD was informed that a knife was thrown into Lakeshore prior to the murders. They were given precise instructions on where to find it. This is all written in Jason Baldwin’s writ.

    It also occurred to me that you might have been referencing Michael Carson’s claim that Jason confessed to him. First, I wonder if you recall Johnny Preston’s account of picking up Michael Carson and having him tell him that his claim was all a lie and that the prosecutor knew the accusation was a lie, but used it against Jason and Damien Echols anyway. Michael Carson is also known to be a former drug addict and police informant. Moreover, if you read Jason Baldwin’s writ you will see that there is evidence from the unit logs where Jason and Michael were housed that demonstrate the two did not have an opportunity to speak for the length of time required to make those statements. There is more. I highly suggest reading these documents.

    If you are referring to Narlene Hollingsworth’s statement about seeing Damien and Domini on the service road then I remind you that it does not implicate Jason or Jessie. It never should have been used against Jason and yet it was.

    Or do you mean to refer to Jessie’s confessions. The ones where he says the boys were tied with “brown rope”. Are you aware the boys were tied with their own shoelaces? A far cry from rope. Jessie said the boys were raped and yet Peretti testified there was no evidence of anal penetration. Did you read the testimony? The autopsy reports? Jessie said the boys were choked. They weren’t.

    Billy, did you review the DNA evidence? You are aware that there was a hair found in Michael Moore’s ligature AND Chris Byers’ ligature – both of which do NOT match the WM3. Additionally, a hair was found under Michael Moore’s scout cap. It does not match the WM3.

    I’ll bet you didn’t know that there was DNA extracted from under Michael Moore’s fingernails. One locus was identified as a 9,10. It does not match any of the victims, nor does it match any of the WM3. It almost certainly matches the killer of these boys because who else would it match? Michael turned on his attacker and this is the last evidence he retained of that interaction. It does not match the three men in prison and it is salient evidence suggesting their innocence.

    It is imperative you read more. It was disturbing to read some of what you said and to see some of the inaccuracies and the lack of reference to the information that does in fact clear the WM3.

    Happy holiday.

  2. ray johnson Says:

    The jury will hear all the evidence. It is the jury who must decide what is believable and what is true.

    Correction to article: Snapping turtles dwell in west memphis and memphis areas.

    A “casually transferred” hair is not likely to survive days on a child’s body, ( as you speculate), especially after a brutal murder and being submerged in water-It was tied into the knot and NO other recognizable hair was found on any of the other children (as a test for normal, casual transfer in a murder) The hair belonging to Terry Hobbs was found in the knot tied on Michael Byers; not Stevie branch-what are the odds of this and Jacoby’s hair being the only recognizable hair at the same scene?? Astronomical!!

    There was NO evidence of the three teens found at the scene-these were teenage boys-with sound alibis that were not permitted or shared in court. What do you think the odds are of those three boys, “wrangling up” and bludgeoning three boys to death, with no previous personal contact with the boys? Leaving no blood, taking no souveneirs, and leaving no DNA at the crime scene while family members have all ready entered the woods looking for them by 6:30 pm? Pretty amazing!! How many serial killers could have done that?

    The rest of your so called evidence is rumors and hearsay-if you actually look at the evidence-most of it is scanned on line directly from the police investigations most of it is statements that go something like this-“I overheard someone say that they heard Domini’s mother say…” or something like that. Inside informants with zero credibility; juror misconduct; bad police investigation…In fact if you remove the sensationalized Satanism theory (with lying rumors that Damien kept body parts in jars) There is no motive. NONE!

    Add to that, witnesses who admitted openly later and with regret they lied for the police about the boys attending satanic rituals, or to get reward money, and you have no case…Actually you have a very real case of outrageous injustice that any jury could see now almost 20 years later.

    There is zero concrete evidence of a satanic or ritual killing; their is no evidence of satanic worship; There is compelling DNA evidence of a parent being the last one to see the boys alive. Parents killing their children, especially step children is well researched and well recognized data where motive is concerned.

    There is more evidence tying Terry Hobbs to the murder than you write about in your article.

  3. xegar Says:

    This essay is full of misinformation in and of itself.
    The bodies were discovered in the afternoon, not 9AM. so much for that theory.

    I’m trying to understand why, if it was Stevie who deposited the Jacoby hair on the east bank, why the WM3 would drag him 40 feet through the ditch and leave him by the west bank.

  4. Billy Sinclair Says:

    Xegar: I accept your correction. The bodies were found in the afternoon on the 6th. I did not say that Steve Branch transferred the Hobbs/Jacoby hairs to the crime scene. I simply said that it is just as plausible that he did as the West Memphis Three defense team’s assertion that Terry Hobbs transferred the Jacoby hair to the crime scene. The simple fact is that the two strands of hair, Hobbs and Jacoby, do not conclusively prove who was or who was not at the crime scene where they were recovered. Thank you. Billy Sinclair

  5. Compassionate Reader Says:

    First, the original essay is full of so much misinformation that to address it all would take another essay. Previous posters have pointed out some of the most egregious errors. Let me add one thing: at the upcoming evidentiary hearing, there will not be a jury, only a judge. The only way another jury will hear evidence is if the hearing grants a new trial. And, IMO, a new trial is sorely needed. There is the jury misconduct issue in the Echols/Baldwin trial which in and of itself should be reason enough for a new trial. As to Jessie, his confession was clearly coerced. Did you know that the judge the police originally took the confession to wouldn’t accept it because of the inconsistencies? That’s why the”clarification statement” was taken by Gitchell in the afternoon of June 6, 1993, after Jessie’s morning polygraph/”confession” session. As to the “Satanic” elements of this crime, there weren’t any. The “expert” at the trial had a diploma-mill PhD. The problem at the original trials was that the community bought into the whole Satanic thing, and it was promoted from several local pulpits. Given the national hysteria about the situation at the time (the Judas Priest trial, etc.), it’s little wonder that a working-class community like West Memphis would be hoodwinked by the sensationalist assertions. The fact is that the WMPD needed to solve the crime. They were directed to a suspect by a social worker with an axe to grind, and the police refused to look elsewhere. The police have conveniently “lost” evidence in this case, and I’m not just talking about the “Bojangles” evidence. What bothers me the most about this essay is the fact that it is posted for the truth and some people will believe it and quote it as “gospel.” Mr. Sinclair, please do more research before posting as fact such half-truths and outright inaccuracies as are in this essay. Read on other websites. Read the trial documents available at the Callahan site. A man’s life is literally at stake here, and misinformation such as contained in your essay could possibly hamper the defense efforts. Do you want his life on your hands?

  6. Billy Sinclair Says:

    Compassionate Reader: You sling out the charge that my original essay was filled with “misinformation.” Let me correct one piece of your “misinformation”: I have repeatedly stated all the West Memphis Three should get a new trial. The trial of Echols/Baldwin was egregious. But you, and others, have made their case a “cause” – not me. Whatever I may write will not contribute to Elchols’ execution should it take place (and I certainly hope it does not). Having said that, let me be clear: I will not parrot the views of the West Memphis Three simply because they have concluded they are innocent. I am not convinced of that, yet. I am still wading through all the information, not just the websites their supporters have given me. Thank you for your interest and comments. Billy Sinclair

  7. ChrisJ Says:

    Mr. Sinclair,

    There’s a great deal of information out there that you may want to seek out. I’m one of those firmly convinced that Terry Hobbs was involved in the murders, and it was his own words that tilted the scale. I recommend you watch his two day deposition taken in the lawsuit he brought against the Dixie Chicks. You can then compare it with his ’07 police interview along with other interviews he’s given. His hair in the knot of one of the other children and his friend’s hair near the scene cannot be viewed in isolation. There’s a bigger picture and that picture is very damning for Hobbs.

    Also, there can be little doubt that the marks and wounds on the boys’ bodies were caused by animals; just looking at the photos, you can see they aren’t stab or any kind of knife wounds. It’s likely the bodies were left for a time where land animals could scavenge them and then moved and “buried underwater” by the perpetrator where snapping turtles caused some further damage.

    I appreciate the fact that you believe the West Memphis Three deserve a new trial. However, I do suggest that you completely familiarize yourself with what Terry Hobbs has said about the events of that night and compare what he says with what others have to say before you dismiss him as being the most likely suspect.

  8. Melissa Says:

    Billy, I understand that you want to form a conclusion based on non-biased material, but I think what has upset some people is that you’ve printed information that further perpetuates myths about this case. You see, people such as myself who support these men have come to this conclusion because we have read every single document out there (I have at least) and I didn’t come to this conclusion lightly. I wanted to know who murdered the three boys first and foremost. I went down the road of evaluating all of the evidence in terms of asking myself, “what if these men really did it?” However, after reviewing everything I knew they did not. If you want to find these answers and review the remaining information then that’s great. These men could use all of the supporters they can get – especially people who are articulate and want to talk about the case. But if you aren’t fully educated on the case and you aren’t sure of the details then when you post something you need to be absolutely sure what you are saying is a fact. Otherwise, please state as much.

    The Callahan site that Compassionate Reader refers to is a non-biased site with all of the case information. You are probably familiar with this site. I sent you an email. If you are sincerely interested in learning more about this case and you want help in finding information please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m not interested in forcing you to see this case the way I do, but I would like to see you finish your review of the information and put some serious thought and consideration into whether or not you truly believe these men did this. I believe that if you do this, if you read everything there is, and if you retain an open mind…you’ll end up exactly where I am.


  9. Laird Williams Says:

    Mr Sinclair, the only sources you’ve cited, in three “essays” now, are a 48 Hours piece and the Jonesboro Sun, the small town newspaper where the original trials were held (both of these sources are simply businesses, and at least one with a very clear agenda). Your allusion to a parrot is ironic. Simply saying you hope a new trial is granted does not excuse your propogation of long dispelled inaccuracies. This is the kind of “research” corrupt judicial systems bank on.

    The word of the day is indoctrination.

  10. Billy Sinclair Says:

    Laird: I visited the jivepuppy site dealing with Misskelley and Baldwin’s “innocence.” I checked out the last site you sent me, but it required a “user name” and “password” to get into. I will not sign into a website with username/password to do research. If the hosts want their material read, put it in the public domain – don’t hide it behind username/password obstacles. I don’t care what they have on their site. I also went to every site you sent me. I have also visited these sites:
    And I will continue to visit more. Billy Sinclair

  11. Billy Sinclair Says:

    Melissa: I have not reached out personally to you about the West Memphis Three case because I know it is a very “personal” issue with you. I do not try to change anyone’s views with my blogs. I simply put my views in the public domain where they can be read and exposed to criticism/debate. I take the issue of “actual innocence” very seriously. Read the below posts:
    I doubt that I will ever be able to read “every” single document in the public record about the West Memphis Three case. There are just too many. The material I have read convinces me that they deserve a new trial, a new jury to hear all the evidence. Echols/Baldwin were egregiously wronged with their sham trial. That’s purely a legal opinion on my part; not an “actual innocence” belief. I have yet to see enough evidence to form an actual innocence conclusion. Billy Sinclair

  12. Billy Sinclair Says:

    Chris: I have not “dismissed” Hobbs as a suspect. But suspicions and indications of guilt are not “guilt beyond a reasonable doubt” necessary in a criminal trial. The “evidence” of guilt aganst Hobbs is no more compelling than the evidence of guilt against the West Memphis Three. You are fighting to prove the innocence of the West Memphis Three because you (and others) believe the evidence used against them is not credible or has been thoroughly discredited. But at the same time you point an accusatory finger at Hobbs without any real evidence that he committed the crime. The most damning evidence is one strand of his hair found at the crime scene–and that is not compelling evidence. Inconsistent statements over a two-decade period are also not compelling evidence. I don’t know if Hobbs killed those boys or not. What I do know is that there is not enough evidence against him to establish “probable cause” for an arrest, much less a criminal trial. But I do intend to continue my education about this case. Billy Sinclair

  13. Laird Williams Says:

    Mr Sinclair, I appreciate your taking the time to write folks back on your blog. You seem quite earnest in your desire to be both honest and objective.  Laudable.  

    Which site required you to sign in? I think you can read materials on that wm3blackboard site without signing in. Just have to become a member to comment. I also sent you a link to a site that proclaims the guilt of the WM3 and pushes for Damien’s death sentence to be carried out. The same rules about reading/commenting apply there too, I believe.

    Anyway, thank you again. As I said in an earlier, your voice is an important one.

    If there’s any document you’d like to read but are having trouble accessing–extolling either guilt or innocence (as long as it’s based on facts)–I’ll be happy to find a way to get it to you.



  14. ChrisJ Says:

    With all due respect, how can you possibly “know that there is not enough evidence against him (Hobbs) to establish “probable cause” for an arrest, much less a criminal trial” if you also acknowledge your education needs to be continued?

    Have you watched his deposition? Have you compared what he says in it to what other witnesses and parties have said about that evening? Have you compared what he says in his deposition with what he said in his police interview? (both conducted under oath)? Or with his Dimension Films interview? The man is lying and contradicting himself constantly, and desperately trying – and failing – to fabricate alibis for critical time periods. Why?

    And it’s not “one strand of hair” that ended up in a much handled binding and submerged of a child not related to him. The Jacoby hair near the scene makes two hairs connected to him; as I’m sure you know, Jacoby was with him just before and after the children went missing.

    Hobbs’ propensity for violence against women AND children is supported by people other than the Hicks family as well. See Mildred French’s affidavit.

    You can keep pretended it’s “just one hair” all you want, but you really are just showing your refusal to look at the whole picture. As for pointing to Hobbs being the same as what happened to the WM3, wrong again. He had the means, motive, and opportunity to harm those children, as well as a known propensity for violence against those weaker than he. (right down to his own little baby son.). And perhaps most important of all, he actually places himself in those woods at the time the killings were supposed to have been taking place.

  15. ChrisJ Says:

    One more thing to add. I’m not pointing to Terry Hobbs because I think it helps the WM3 get a new trial. I’m fully confident they will be awarded a new trial after the upcoming hearing and that the State will not be able to prosecute them again for lack of evidence. They don’t need Terry Hobbs for that. I do, however, want to see the individual who got away with this crime for 17 years (18 years by the time it’s all over) prosecuted to the fullest for killing three innocent children and allowing three innocent men to rot in prison for him for all of their adult lives.

  16. Billy Sinclair Says:

    Chris: I work for a criminal defense attorney, and quite successfully I might add. Contradictory statements made in a civil deposition and a film documentary do not necessarily reach the constitutional requirements for probable cause in an arrest. Further, the fact that Terry Hobbs in the past may have abused women and/or children is not of any evidentiary value in a criminal proceeding. Being a “bad guy” does not make you a triple murderer. Further, to accept your hypothesis that making contradictory statements and smacking women/kids around are sufficient probable cause for a criminal arrest, then why hasn’t Terry Hobbs been arrested? You imply that the officials, the police and prosecutors, in West Memphis are deliberately allowing the “real killer” to walk the streets. That’s absurd! With all the national and international attention focused on this case, do you seriously believe these officials would knowingly allow the real killer to roam the streets with impunity? Your assessment of “evidence” tells me you would have served the Joseph McCarthy movement in the 1950s quite well – a “communist under every bed” based solely on “guilt by suspicion.” Without even realizing it, you actually do more harm than good for the West Memphis Three cause. Billy Sinclair

  17. Billy Sinclair Says:

    Chris: You are fixated with Hobbs. I suggest that you prepare and submit to the Crittenden County grand jury a citizen’s complaint asking for an investigation of whether Hobbs killed Steve Branch, Christopher Byers and Michael Moore. Use the legal system to pursue the man you believe to be the real killer. Otherwise you will be what we say here in Texas, “all hat and no cattle.” You have the means and knowledge to get after him. “Just do it!” Billy Sinclair

  18. ChrisJ Says:

    Fixated on Hobbs? You betcha. He killed three boys and has (so far) gotten away with it. It is you who are refusing to acknowledge or to put the pieces of the puzzle together. And it is indeed PIECES, not a single hair, as you keep wrongly insisting.

    Oh, and there are a number of attorneys and people who work for attorneys who happen to agree with what I’m saying. Your employment status affords you no special insight, aside from the fact that it, perhaps along with your personal history, seems to have given you a tendency to excuse away the obvious. Are you sure you are capable of being objective when it comes to Hobbs??

  19. Melissa Says:


    I agree with Laird that your effort to write people back and attempt to be honest and objective is laudable. I also sense and understand your hesitance to point the finger at one particular alternate suspect.

    However, with regard to the statements you made about actual innocence I respectfully disagree with you. There is substantial evidence that the WMPD, the prosecutors, and the judges handling this case contributed to the wrongful convictions of these men. I’d like you to look at the circumstances surrounding Jason and Damien sharing a trial. You mentioned that you work for a criminal attorney and I feel strongly that if he heard the reasons why the trial should have been severed, he would agree. First, there were contradictory alibi and eyewitnesses. Some were used and some were not. Some couldn’t be used because the trials were combined and there were situations where one witness would have helped one person and hurt another (Ken Watkins, etc.). Narlene was actually used in the trial and yet she did not even see Jason on the service road. She supposedly saw Domini. Why is it acceptable to use an eyewitnesses testimony in a joint trial when it points to only one of the men on trial? It’s contradictory. It placed Damien with Domini.

    The “softball” confessions hurt Jason. However, those were not even said in the presence of Jason. That information was used against Jason and again…it shouldn’t have been. You’re also probably aware that Damien’s medical records were entered into evidence during the sentencing phase of the trial. This hurt Jason considerably, but there was nothing he could do to protect himself. Why? Because no one put on a defense for this man. His brother, his mother, his mother’s boyfriend, and a friend living in same trailer park all could have verified his whereabouts that evening and yet this information was not used to help him. If you did come on the blackboard you could see the timelines I have put together for both Jason and Damien. I have carefully cross-referenced each time period with a corresponding link to a document to prove that the time is accounted for.

    As I said before, I am not trying to convince you that these men are innocent…But I see you’ve done a lot of research and you’re writing about it. It’s imperative that when you write things about the case you stick to the facts. I’m very passionate about the spread of false information with regard to these men, because there is so much of it out there and it is so easily perpetuated. You don’t have to read every document to check the facts and I dare say you can continue to become educated on this case by reading some of the more pertinent files on Callahans (again, a non-biased site that contains all information relating to this case).

    You don’t have to think that Terry Hobbs did this. Not everyone who believes the West Memphis Three are innocent thinks he did. But to deny the power of the DNA evidence in this case really baffles me. I can’t say I understand why you are so resistant to the use of forensic technology to clear people of crimes. Maybe you can explain.


  20. Roger Main Says:

    I have always thought that the wm3 were railroaded, And I do agree there has been mania in the efforts to cast blame somewhere else. But don’t you understand that this is the same hysteria that convicted the wm3 in the first place? Why the Bojangles episode is overlooked is beyond me. Incoherent suspect with blood and mud. C’mon, these witnesses to this were not hostile witnesses to either side. I think the gravest unjustice here is, is there a monster could still be loose. There is still little evidence to prove anyone did this heiness act, evidence was botched, and no further leads and evidence was sought after the accusations against the wm3 began. Beyond the shadow of a doudt, c’mon.

  21. Billy Sinclair Says:

    Roger: I agree with you – and I also think Bojangles was probably a very good suspect. Like you, the witnesses were neutral. He is a mystery in this case. Why the police did not focus more effort on finding him, I do not know. I surmise they had their ears to the ground, and had immediately developed “tunnel vision” on Damien Echols based on the swirling Satanic rumors. And if he killed three, then he has killed more. A good project for WM3 supporters would be to research the arrests/convictions of any other suspects for similar in surrounding states during same time period. Billy Sinclair

  22. Susie Says:

    I just watched the story on TV.I truly believe the three are innocent.I believe either Hobbs and David killed the little boys or the man who came in Bojangles with mud and blood all over him and left.Back then, did they have cameras in stores?Even if they had one it would have probably been taped over.I can’t believe they can’t find that sample of blood the police had taken for evidence. from Bojangles.I believe it could be Hobbs and his buddy because of the hair found entangled in the tie knots.Do you really think three teenagers would know anything about hog tying?Had to be someone familiar with farms or butchering.If you remember, Hobbs neighbor said they saw the boys outside, and Hobbs called for them.He must have been mad about something.Also it was reported by witnesses that he was seen washing curtains, linens ,and clothes.He was the only one that could have been alone with the boys ,until he called David to help find Chris.Why? Couldn’t he just get in a car and look for him.How come he didn’t call his wife at work? Any other father would.If It was me working ,I would have wanted to be called,and I would have come home and searched.I just think those teens who were accused are innocent, and should get a new trial!

  23. Susie Says:

    Correction on boy’s name..Steve..not Chris. on comment from Susie.

  24. KeithC Says:

    Folks saying the WM3 are totally innocent is a silly and immature remark.

    I can think of no other case that has been under the microscope for 20 years and failed to produce any meaningful exculpatory evidence.

    The muders reached a status equal to 9/11 in horror and shock in West Memphis. Everybody knew exactly where they were when the news broke and could replay the entire day in vivid details even years later.

    Everybody except Echols. He just couldnt darn recall much of anything he did or where he went. For a mentally-disturbed teenage goth like Echols, that day was HUGE HUGE HUGE.

    But according to him, nah…no biggie. Really?

    When your life is on the line, you better believe you are going to remember where the heck you were.

    Finally, truly innocent people who have experienced the hell of being wrongly accused, let alone imprisoned, for something they simply didnt do….dont sit in jail viciously accusing other a whole slew of other people of the same crime.

    Terry Hobbs hair was not found anywhere, one consistent with it was….NOT the same thing folks.

  25. ReAnne Allen Says:

    How could people sit here and tell themselves that echols baldwin and misskelly are guilty when there is no evidence even regarding the three boys

  26. Sherry Says:

    The more I read about this case, the more dumbfounded I become. How was it possible that these three young men were convicted of crimes they did not commit? Where was the evidence? There was none. There was, however, a judge who blocked the defense at every turn and a highly inept police investigation. Why has no one brought charges against the West Memphis police department for obstruction of justice? Why has this judge, who was far from impartial, been allowed to remain on the bench? What a mockery this whole affair makes of our judicial system.

  27. Courage Says:

    And your pointing the finger at Terry Hobbs, when Mark Byers has a worse history of abusing women, his first wife was scared that he would kill her and his biological children. Tell me why is Byers so concerned about Chris, when hes not concerned about his biological children, and why doesn’t Ryan talk to him anymore? I will tell you why because Ryan thinks Byers killed his mother Melissa. I hope they do not get a new trial, this has gone on long enough and Melissa should be ashamed of herself for what she has done too Terry Hobbs. I hope the three child murderers rot in hell, and right now I can almost quarantee there will be no new trial.

  28. you decide Says:

    Ok, First let me say this. I do not have an opinion of wether the WM3 are innocent or guilty. I am fascinated by the case and want to dig in and develop my own opinion without having someone tell me what is right and wrong about the case. But i have been doing a good bit of research into the case as of lately.

    Lets look at Damien Echols. I suggest everyone should look into a site called callahan.8k.com. (its ran by two supporters and one non supporter and has a whole lot of the actual case files in it.) If you havent you should. This is not a smoking gun against him by any means, but go to documents then find Damien Echols and look into exibit 500. That tells you a little about who Damien was at the points before the murders. Its basically his mental medical profile record. Its a lot of stuff to look at and i havent made it through the entire thing. The whole site is worth looking at.
    He had thoughts about killing himself and others– is clearly stated in the exibit (take a look and youll see what i mean.) If he is to get out of prison i cant say that i would want him as a neighbor or allow my kids be near him..
    Im not saying hes guilty or innocent but this one sure does make me scratch my head. But also think about how many death row inmates spend their dying days trying to convince the world they didnt do it. Damien has a lot of people screaming for him… This can help you to become a master manipulator and be able to convince people of anything he wants to.. Just something to think about..

    Also Jessie Misskellys confession(s). While there is quite a few things that he says that apparently didnt happen (like rape and brown ropes to tie the boys) there were a lot of things that he did say that seemed pretty accurate to what actually happend. None of us can actually say he was forced to confess because we werent in the room when this “coerced” confessions were taking place. And we have no way of telling how long they were in an interrogation room before this happened. So i personally have no reason to say he was forced… But who am i to say he wasnt

    I dont care about the juror misconduct issue or any of the other ‘technical’ reasons they should be released…. I want to know, did they do it or not? And i want to see the facts to back up the reasons they did or didnt. I havent dug into this enough to say yes they did or no they didnt, but my opinion will be based on the facts that i find.

    New evidence or not i think they at least deserve a new trial. And the verdict of that trial, one way or the other, will make a lot of people feel really stupid.

  29. Snake Plisken Says:

    I may be wrong but if I remimber when they did a follow up documentry didnt the victims step father have his teeth removed and claimed that it was because of pain medication ? I found this very odd after the bite marks on the victims body or ‘Bodys’
    were going to be looked at more closely that the individual in question would have his teeth surgicly removed but then again I guess there would be some form of dental records on file Iwassent aware there was a second suspect is this guy closly tied to the step father if so what was their relation ?

  30. Billy Sinclair Says:

    There have been a series of documentaries and media reports which have shifted the guilty inquiry from the West Memphis Three. There is no solid evidence, “clear and convincing evidence,” that any of these individuals committed the murders of those three boys. My belief in the guilt of the West Memphis Three lies in the fact that each man at different times, in different situations, and to different people admitted to their role in the murders. These admissions have been dismissed by West Memphis Three supporters are use of psychologial police pressure to secure Misskelley’s confession to “he was only fooling around” to Echols admissions. Their recent guilty pleas solidifies my relief in their guilt.

  31. Max Frost Says:

    Mr. Sinclair, I am with you 95%. The major difference I have is that I DO think the WM3 are innocent. I positively believe that. Conviction and imprisonment of those 3 was, in my opinion, 10,000 kinds of wrong. Where we totally agree..I’m NOT positive about the guilt of Terry Hobbs/David Jacoby. Here is my outlook on the evidence (and the holes I see) The hair DNA…it was found in a shoelace that was used to bind Michael Moore. I doubt very seriously that whomever did this took the time to match the right shoelace WITH the right boy. In other words, the shoelace used to bind Michael Moore, COULD have come from the shoes of Hobbs stepson, Steve Branch. Which VERY WELL could have had hobbs hair on it…after all, they lived in the same house together! The hair match for David Jacoby? That’s a bit more troublesome. But it was found on a tree stump. And keep in mind that none of the hairs were an EXACT match..excluding ANYONE else. It DID exclude The WM3 (I’m sorry, I read it but can’t remember the numbers for the “percentage of population” the hairs could be a match for) and there were some hairs that they could find NO match for (including a “Negroid” hair)
    The people that swear they heard Hobbs calling out for Steve on that day. Well, they are saying this some 14 or so years AFTER the fact (wasn’t even important in 93) I’m not even saying they are purposely lying…but isn’t it very possible (lo & behold after THIS amount of time) they could have their day/date wrong? Maybe Hobbs was shouting for Steve the day before…2 days before…a WEEK before. Or, maybe they ARE purposely lying. God knows there were A LOT of people lying when the WM3 were convicted (and some of those people recanted their stories/testimonies later)
    The pocketkife that belonged to Steve? Well, Hobbs said that he might have taken it away from him. That he didn’t think an 8 year old boy ought to be carrying a knife. The bigger question, in my opinion, is why on earth would Hobbs (if he did it) take..and KEEP the boy’s knife??? Why not just leave it there..with everything else? And RIGHT, Mr. Sinclair…you can’t arrest a man for triple homicide because he has had a checkered past of some violent behaviour, run-ins with the law, etc. Or just because you don’t like how he talks..acts (isn’t that the same thing people did to the WM3?) I’m not meaning to come off as a defense lawyer here. Maybe Hobbs/Jacoby ARE guilty. I just can’t be sure of that as so many are..not yet. I hope and pray there will eventually be proof positive of the Monster(s) responsible for this horribly, horribly atrocious act. To #1. exact TRUE JUSTICE for those 3 little boys…and #2. To COMPLETELY exonerate Damien, Jason & Jesse.

  32. Max Frost Says:

    ..And my take on why I believe in the innocence of the WM3. Besides Jesse’s initial confession(s) (arguably questionable on HOW they were obtained) the confessions of Damien & Jason were (from what I’ve read) “He Said-She Said-He Said” stuff. And if I’m not mistaken, there has been one or more of those people that have admitted they lied back then. But the MAIN problem I’ve always had….these were 3, small town teenagers. Not professional “Hit Men” or “Serial Killers.” It just defies logic to me that they could pull something like this off..and leave absolutely NO physical evidence! And NO one has come forth to say ANY of the WM3 were near those woods that night. So, in my opinion, if they did it, they either have to be some MASTER mastermind criminals…or the luckiest people in the world! To leave NO trace of physical evidence…NO witnesses placing them at the crime scene, etc.

  33. Billy Sinclair Says:

    Max Frost: We can begin with this premise. Someone local did the killings. This was not a one-man “Mr. Bojanles” affair. And there is no real physical evidence or logicial reasoning that Hobbs and Jacoby did the murders. They did not know each other that well–and certainly did not have the kind of relationship that would allow them together to kill three Cub scouts. No way! Did not happen! Echols, Baldwin, and Misskelly all hung together, and, yes, were local misfits–and Echols was particularly a “sick puppy.” Who would “joke” about killing three kids. But, more to the real point, they pled guilty knowing that a new trial was on the way and the DA could not convict them again. 18 years of pleading innocence only to cop out with a guilty plea. These three were not “smart” to commit a perfect crime; the police were simply so incompetent they could not build a solid case against. I appreciate, and respect, your views, but as they say down home, “that dog won’t hunt.”

  34. Max Frost Says:

    Billy Sinclair: As I appreciate and respect your views! AND applaud you for being one of the very few that doesn’t have Hobbs/Jacoby Tried, Convicted & Hung already. From everything I’ve been reading, we are certainly in the low minority with that stance.
    I must admit, up until the news conference (with the just released WM3) I had some lingering doubts..maybe they DID do it(?) It was Jason Baldwin’s stance that put me totally in the “They’re Innocent” category. He was NOT going to take the plea. From my understanding (coming from a VERY reliable source) he didn’t change his mind until the “11th Hour.” If you watch that news conference again, really study Jason when he talks about it. In my opinion, he had the spirit and look of someone that was ready..wanted to go ALL THE WAY…to be FULLY exonerated. But the outside chance (and with a Jury, you NEVER know) that they could be convicted AGAIN..and Damien would DEFINITELY be put to death…was a gamble he decided not to take. Jason said at the conference..”We told them we were innocent back then..but they put us in jail for life!” I certainly can’t blame him for NOT trusting the judicial system. Damien?..Well, just like he said, he was TIRED! Tired of everything! AND he was in solitary confinement on death row. I certainly can’t say, being in HIS shoes, no matter how innocent I was, that I wouldn’t have taken the deal. Jesse? Well, he certainly isn’t the sharpest tool in the tool shed. He just wanted out! And to get back to his Daddy…and home. Which, I think, is where he is now. I live right across the Mississippi River..in Memphis. Also, keep in mind that they have some “DEEP POCKETS” behind them (Johnny Depp, Eddie Vedder, Natalie Maines, etc. etc. AND funds from the WM3 support group) I’m sure they were told that the fight would continue to find the REAL murderer(s) and CLEAR their names. which I hope & pray is TRUE! Damien actually said as much. He said the only difference is that now they can investigate, etc. from the OUTSIDE. So, for me, it makes perfect sense (taking all that into account) why they could be innocent.. but accept that deal. I totally agree…the police, prosecuters, judge, jury..EVERYONE was imcompetent on the original investigation and trials. But the fact remains…there is no physical evidence of the WM3 being at the crime scene.. or committing this crime. Damien was a “sick puppy”..I agree! Jesse, borderline retarded..and Jason, average, lower class, country boy teenager. I just can’t see those 3 pulling off such a heinous crime that “Slick.” And from my research, Damien & Jason were good friends..but they only knew Jesse in a passing way. They didn’t hang out with him. As I said, I live in Memphis. After they were released, they came to a private party at a posh hotel here (Eddie Vedder & Natalie Maines were also here) Only Damien & Jason came. Jessie went across the river to Marion, Arkansas. To his Daddy’s trailer park. In our local paper, Jessie’s Daddy was asked why they didn’t go to the party, he replied, “We didn’t know nothin’ about it.” So, that pretty much sums up their relationship with each other. The next morning, Jason, Damien and entourage boarded some luxury vans and headed to the airport. I don’t know where they went. Anyway, I’m certainly not trying to change your mind (regarding the WM3 innocence or guilt) I’m just expressing my views…and thank you for giving us a forum to do so!! This is the first time I’ve commented on any of this. I’ve been following the case for some time. Thanks again, Billy, for giving me a forum I feel comfortable in.

  35. Max Frost Says:

    ..And one other view I have (as to why, if the WM3 maintain innocence, they would take the Alford plea) …..The first step was an evidence hearing in December. To SEE if a new trial was called for. Yes, they probably would have gotten a new trial. Then, that trial date would have to be set…jury selection. etc. And seeing how the court system works, God knows WHEN it would start..and be cancelled..and rescheduled again…and how long it would go on(??) Alot of people are under the assumption that the WM3 just needed to wait until December..and they would have walked out the door, completely exonerated..in time for Christmas! But in reality, December would have just been the BEGINNING! This thing could have dragged on for AT LEAST another year. And they STILL couldn’t be 100% sure they would be aquitted.

  36. marysson Says:

    Mr Sinclair-

    I agree that Hobbs and Jacoby didn’t kill anyone together. In fact, Jacoby contradicts Hobbs timeline. Why lie against your co-killer?

    Hobbs didn’t go to work that day (now proven), so he lied to police in his interview. He was at Jacoby’s “playing guitars,” despite the circumstanstial evidence that he was a meth addict/dealer (his daughter is now in jail for the same.)

    Can you imagine the following occuring? He is amped up on meth (which is known to cause violent outburst) and goes to the “hideout” his kid and his friends are known to play at (storm drains and manholes – they were big Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans) because Stevie is late getting home. TH is pissed and whacks Stevie a bit too hard and accidentally kills or seriously injuries him, in front of the other kids. Those kids have to be eliminated or they are witnesses to the “accident” in TH mind. He throws them all in a manhole (lots of evidence for the manhole theory) nearby, causing near-fatal injuries. TH is on record stating that if someone accidentally killed the kids, then “the killer wouldn’t be a monster”.

    Not to far-fetched for a man with a proven history of violence and killing, is it?

    I suggest you watch his Deposition videos on YouTube.com, all 10 or so of them. It is obvious the man is a cold-blooded sociopathic liar, IMO, and the opinions of many other people. If he is telling the truth, count all of the people that have to be lying instead, and it doesn’t add up.

  37. Billy Sinclair Says:

    marysson: You speak to Hobbs’ violent past – there a major difference between a history of domestic violent or barroom disorderly violent with the vicious, methodical killing of three boys. And how could one man, especially once racing 100 mph on meth corral three boys to kill them. Kids run from danger, perceived or otherwise. If the other two boys saw Hobbs kill Stevie, don’t you think they would have started running? He couldn’t have caught, and held on to, two frightened boys sober, much less spacing on meth. No, marysson, I agree with Brad’s theory – those three boys were the victims of a “thrill kill” by three social misfits. The group mindset is so much different than the individual mindset – it wouldn’t have taken much instigating for the troubled three teens to go after the helpless boys.

  38. marysson Says:

    If the three kids were in a storm/drain (manhole) when found (it was their hideout, after all), then it would explain how he controlled them. It would also explain the “road rash” abrasions found on the victim’s bodies. Have you looked into the manhole theory? To me, it fits all of the pieces together nicely.

  39. marysson Says:

    Here is the manhole theory:


  40. marysson Says:

    As for the violent past…how about the sexual assault of a neighbor that reported him for beating his first wife and kid?

    How about the killing of Pam Hobb’s brother who came to her defense when he beat her?

  41. Billy Sinclair Says:

    marysson: One question: would you let the West Memphis Three “babysit” your three Cub-scout boys if you had to face that possibility? For the record, I wouln’t let Terry Hobbs around my children anymore than I would the WM3. In fact, I would have concerns about letting anyone from West Memphis babysit any child.

  42. marysson Says:

    Nope. I don’t think they are nice guys necessarily or worthy of watching my kids…that’s a high standard to meet…I wouldn’t even let you watch them, no offense.

    Irrelevant question though.

  43. Billy Sinclair Says:

    Thank you, marysson – you made my point. You would never let me (and I truly do not take offense) or anyone else like WM3 babysit your children. You’re a golod parent. But WM3 supporters would like for the rest of society accept the WM3 as harmless, misunderstood individuals–and they would trust them no more with their own well-being of themselves or their children than you do. It is the WM3 cause, not the WM3 themselves, that people like Johnny Depp and Eddie Vedder support. Too many people are addicted to social causes, the need to attack the “system” and the WM3 provided them with a vehicle.

  44. k Says:


    The manhole theory has brought about several heated debates at my house. We have a household of 3 metal heads. One for WM3 innocence, One for WM3 Guilt (myself), and the other doesn’t give a rat’s butt.

    I’m the only one who’s ever been incarcerated and it’s blatantly obvious (I’ll just speak for myself here) that Echols has & continues to manipulate people. I once had a buddy who called people that fell for these kinds of tactics “fish”.

    I guess the next step is to exhume the bodies. It shouldn’t be a problem with victim’s parents support. Whether the WM3 want it to continue or not, the big truth-seeking ball is rolling.

  45. West Memphis Three Case Evidende Says:

    This case was a very interesting one. The three had no alibis. Misskelley confessed three separate times. Baldwin told someone else he committed the crimes. Echols was seen in muddy clothes near the crime scene. He bragged about the murder to two other teenagers, stating he killed the three boys. This was presented as evidence at the trial. Echols also had a history of psychiatric treatment. His reported actions included brutally killing a dog, starting fires at his school, threatening to kill his teachers and parents and stating he liked to drink blood.

    Fibers on the murdered victims’ clothing were found to microscopically similar to things in the Baldwin and Echols homes. The serrated wound patterns on the three victims that were consistent with, and could have been caused by, a knife found in a lake behind appellant Baldwin’s parents’ residence.

    Echols’ stated under cross-examination that he was interested in the occult. A funeral register found in his room with hand-drawn pentagrams and upside-down crosses. Echols’ journal contained morbid images and references to dead children.

  46. Misskelley’s Third Confession Transcript Says:

    Click link above for:
    Misskelley’s Third Confession Transcript
    He describes the crimes in detail in front of his lawyer, implicating Echols and Baldwin.

    Echols’ psychiatric records

    from a recent article at The Commercial Appeal:

    The prosecution’s theory of a ritualistic slaying seemed to fit well on Echols, who as a teen dabbled in witchcraft and reported to mental health professionals that he’d been drinking human blood since age 10, cutting or biting a willing partner or even attacking a rival and sucking to obtain “power and strength.”

    “It makes me feel like a god,” he told a counselor four months before the murders.

    Teens interviewed by police said Echols associated with a self-styled Wiccan group called the “Order of the Divine Light” that practiced a rite of initiation proscribed by occult author Raymond Buckland in which initiates remove their clothing and allow their hands to be bound behind the back.

    ….A troubled teen committed three times for psychiatric evaluation before the murders, he talked of habitually drinking human blood, blew kisses to grieving victim families in court and once told a clinical social worker he has “conversations with demons” and that when his white-hot anger went off the only solution was to “hurt someone.”

  47. West Memphis Three Case Evidence Says:

    unsure if this posted or not:

    This case was a very interesting one. The three had no alibis. Misskelley confessed three separate times. Baldwin told someone else he committed the crimes. Echols was seen in muddy clothes near the crime scene. He bragged about the murder to two other teenagers, stating he killed the three boys. This was presented as evidence at the trial. Echols also had a history of psychiatric treatment. His reported actions included brutally killing a dog, starting fires at his school, threatening to kill his teachers and parents and stating he liked to drink blood.

    Fibers on the murdered victims’ clothing were found to microscopically similar to things in the Baldwin and Echols homes. The serrated wound patterns on the three victims that were consistent with, and could have been caused by, a knife found in a lake behind appellant Baldwin’s parents’ residence.

    Echols’ stated under cross-examination that he was interested in the occult. A funeral register found in his room with hand-drawn pentagrams and upside-down crosses. Echols’ journal contained morbid images and references to dead children.

  48. Lisa Says:

    If you take out of the satan theory, take out the three men being different and the music ,books that they read, and just look at the evidence, it does not point to them. It points to someone the boys either trusted or feared, for no defense wounds were on the bodies, only injuries of rage and sexual abuse were found. Injuries probably endured by their offender previously, and since they are powerless and innocent and made to feel that this was just another ‘attack’ and they are powerless to fight it. The attack may have escalated to murder because the offender became more and more deviant and was needing more violence for his gratification, or, the boys fought back and resisted, or threatening to tell someone, making the monster enraged and murder was the result. If you watch Hobbs in the courtroom, he looks anything but devistated. He looks like he is hiding something and taking great pains in hiding something. No tears, no demand for justice, nothing, for he is trying to keep the attention on others. Any father or stepfather would show a great deal of emotion and would be hellbent on finding his child’s murderer. Hobbs doesn’t show anything.

  49. Emma Says:

    To the writer of this post.. When u talked of Hobbs hair as being there by secondary transfer that would mean while the killer was holding the boys pulling ruff one the shoe strings that hair of Terry Hobbs stayed while noone else’s did.. The animals they was talking about was turtles..And as far as Pam staying with him..he left two wks later after trials they was then off n on again..last night they was together a police report was made where Pam said Terry had stole all Stevies stuff and would re-turn it..police arrive search his car’s trunk and find Stevies stuff something odd about that to me..And reports are on records with his abuse to his daughter Amanda..As well as Stevie saying to other family members about his abuse from Hobbs to him.

    Family of the three lil boys should have been looked at first and still should..just saying! Glad thought that wm3 are now free..now lets find out who really did this!

  50. Emma Says:

    and the boys wasnt found at 9am

  51. Emma Says:

    Speaking about the time they was found, what about Mark Byers telling police to look in the 10 mile bayou..bc he feared they drowned.. said this two or three times..find u the waters in that bayou was never deep enough to drowned those boys.

  52. Emma Says:

    And lets talk about the fact both step-father have had there teeth taken when it came out that the marks on the boys was bite marks from humans.. and on Chistopher he had biting sucking type bite marks, more seen in that of woman.

  53. Emma Says:

    and there is another thing… the last day Stevie was at school he wrote his real fathers name and said hes my only dad..

    Christopher did something close to that but all he wrote was simply ..I love my mom…!

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  55. Thomas R. Says:

    The only problem here is that polygraph examinations, truth serum tests, and truth seeking evaluations are unreliable thus no court will admit such into record. Say, what if those two characters (Hobbs and Jacoby) have sociopathic tendencies as measured by MMPI. They would pass these tests with flying colors.

  56. Billy Sinclair Says:

    Thomas: These truth-seeking methods have not achieved a level of realiability to be used in criminal trials, but they have attained credibility as “investigative tools” to determine guilt or knowledge of crimes. In fact, some courts permit this evidence in post-conviction settings in support of claims of “actual innocence.” Moreover, the Israelis have perfected a method of interviewing potential suspects, based primarily on body language, that has an excellent track record and has been adopted by many law enforcement/intelligence agencies. One last point: Damien Echols is a coward before he is a psychopath: he can only hurt the helpless and defenseless. A polygraph examination would scare the shit out of him because he is a incredibly poor liar.

  57. Thomas R. Says:

    Mr. sinclair: I get the point about “investigative tools” but still, knowing that a polygraph only measures galvanic skin response, it will not prevent anyone with a twisted conscience (read socio/psychopathic tendencies) to sail through it. Polygraphs were thought be a useful investigative tool with sex offenders and although still used by treatment providers, they have simply not measured up due to lack of reliabilty. You know very well that failing this test would not establish guilt or establish it incorrectly. And, if I am not mistaken, trial defense attorneys fight like hell not to subject their clients to polygraphs for that very reason. I do not know enough about Brian Echols, but from what you have posted about him – it seems that his desire to stay in the spotlight through all of these statements, is indicative of ability to manipulate – and so I am not as sure here that he would flunk it.

    This body language research is also in its infancy and I would be careful to establish guilt based on someone not looking into my eyes or fidgeting with their cloths or touching their face while testifying, There are cultural issues with body language (not all cultures make eye contact) as well as personal experiences/issues to be considered (person may just be naturally anxious).

    I think for me the fact that WM3 took the Alford Plea is enough of an objective way to conclude that they are guilty. Thanks for the response.

  58. adam Says:

    Hi, after reading your posts i think some of you should actually look at facts not websites. Im sorry but half of u are making things up or have been misled by bogus websites. First

  59. Interested Party Says:

    I am very sorry but some of you in this post are making things up off the top of your head. Do yourself a favor do not go to websites like the .coms to learn about a topic. Do not read others opinions and make them your own. This is a murder case the only thing you should look at are the facts. Do not look at the what ifs or the filling in details in your head. The human mind does this with everything. Things to know !!!!!

    Misskellys statement is garbage complete garbage it is the only statement of guilt that could be actually used in court because it was to the police. The other statements that might have happened are all from unrealiable sources or have been handed down by multiple people. Back to misskellys statement- In my law enforcement classes in college we discussed interviewing and in todays courtroom that tape of misskellys confession would not be used therefore remove it from your mind completely it is completely false. ( side note if your bored watch “why you dont talk to the police” on youtube very interesting and factual information about false confessions)

    Now without the statement in court what do you have ???

    The leading experts on forensics,dna etc have already debunked the knife that was found and used in the origi trial so that is done and over with !

    Take away the cult nonsense that was happening in the 90’s and all the stories that were told from teenagers and you have pretty much no case at all against the wm3 to begin with. Which is why with the new evidence the state decided to forego a new trial which the state prosecuter even admitted would have taken place. The state would have lost and had to pay millions.

    The fact is there is no actual answer to be had and it will never be solved. You have to take away gossip and personal opinion and look at what is really there. The hobbs thing is very suspect and the police should have in fact questioned him in the begining but that ship has in fact sailed and unless hobbs comes forward and confesses that is that.

    I dont know where some of you get your info, but i suggest looking into what the defense attorneys found on behalf of the wm3 and the expert testimonys of the experts on forensics,dna etc. The film paradise lost 3 gives you the names of these people and you can go and look for yourself.

    The facts are that even today people think echols did it because they dont like that he has famous supporters behind him and that he is pretty honest when he speaks. People are all differnet and some dont like to see others get ahead and recieve praise these are the people who basically get jealous and angry. The others are the ones who think they are completely innocent and get wrapped up in the movies and media storms. However, I for one after seeing what the new evidence shows on behalf of the wm3 think they are alot more innocent than guilty but there is no real answer to be had it will always be a maybe or what if.

    The dna evidence that exists and this important that DOES exist part. Shows no link to the wm3 but does have links to other people. What I dont think supporters get is that the dna evidence is linked to hundreds of thouasands of people and in those hundreds of thousands of people are people like hobbs and his guitar buddy. The dna evidence shows just as much that the friend killed the kids than the stepdad. There are also lots of gossip that makes hobb look bad and I for one think he is the best person of interest alive today but in no way is he for sure the guy or not.

    And the fact that the wm3 pled guilty really doesnt mean they infact are. Put yourself in prison for 18 years and then someone says hey you can leave today and never come back if you say your guilty and guess what you can also say your innocent at the same time. There is not one of you who wouldnt take that deal.

    The last thing I promise…. is the fact that the jury was tampered with by their foreman i forget his name. That is clear as day evidence that proves that the jury was in fact bias and the entire trial would be considered to be void because of this fact.

    The point i guess is nobody will never actually know the absolute truth unless someone comes forward and says I did it and gives in. Even in murder cases today it is questionable that people are in prison even though they look guilty. its about what you can prove and cant proove.

    Never talk to the police, even if your completely innocent always keep your mouth shut and hire a lawyer had misskellys idiot father known this none of us would be talking about it. Innocent people incriminate themselves everyday because they think they are innocent so they can talk to the police its no big deal right. Here is a quick example. 9/10 people fall for this

    Say I told you there was gang activity and 3 bodies were found at a apt. All 3 bodies were black male victims who were lying face down in the living room dead. A tenant next door to the apt seen a car outside with 3 black males in it wearing gang colors the men went into the apt and soon after were seen running back to the car and took off. ( now you are reading this so you have an advantage but tell this to someone and then wait about 10 minutes and ask them this question….

    How many gunshot victims in the story were there?

    A. 1
    B. 2

    (Answer: The answer is none of the above, simply because I never said anything about a gun being used, your brain takes the gang aspect and adds in the gun at least it does when you give the story outloud and even add other misc things to it and give the person time to soak it in. This is how innocents become guilty because you added the gun I can say you knew more than you let on which makes you look suspect. Get it

  60. Interested Party Says:

    RE: Billy Sinclair

    Billy I know that when you were 6 or 7 years old (which was the intellectual ability of misskelly at the time of his questioning) you would have easily admitted to a crime you had nothing to do with simply to get out of a room you had been in for 12 hours with police breathing down your neck. YOu must understand how a brain works in order to understand how you can make someone confess. Watch some docs on police and how they can trick people into repeating what they say and changing what they say in the first place. Misskelly changed his story during the confession in different areas when the police pushed him. Example on the time ! Misskelly also admitted he was there but I would bet you a million dollars that during that 12 hour interview that police gave him the the other names of the boys they had there eye on and they only had their eye on the wm3 based on a bunch of cult nonsense for the most part.

    The other so called confessions you nor I have any idea at all they actually took place or exist at all. They come from sketchy sources to begin with. People like to run their mouths for whatever reason they just do. So if your baseing your guilty verdict on the testimonies your wrong and that is why people like you cant think objectivly

  61. Leon Says:


  62. Jennifer Says:

    Just out of curiosity, how do you explain that the DNA (hair) found on the victims naked body in the ligatures? If the victim had picked up the hair before his death, is it not kind of strange that the DNA was found on the rope used to bind the victim at the time of their murder?

  63. Jeannie Says:

    Before I knew what I know now about this case (which is an awful lot), when I FIRST saw Terry Hobbs I said to myself, “this guy is the one hiding something.” And my gut instincts are almost always correct. I have been following the case for years now — reading, watching, listening — and what is coming out now? Lo and behold, there is a chance Hobbs is quilty. I totally believe after Pam went to work, the 3 boys were at his house, something made him angry enough to go ballistic, and he totally lost control of himself. After he had hurt Stevie horribly enough to kill him (with the other 2 boys as witnesses), he destroyed them as well. Look at his past behavior, his lies after the murders, not telling Pam about Stevie until time for her to leave work — so many things to consider — and THEN THE HAIR AT THE SCENE — 2 and 2 together makes 4. To be fair there are a couple of things that have me considerably puzzled. Where did Jessie come up with the detail of running Michael Moore down and holding him for Damien, if he is so “retarded.” Where did that tidbit come from? And if Terry did the crime (or whomever), how in the world did he (they) transport the boys AND THE BIKES to the site – and without being seen — as would be suggested by the lack of blood and the remains of a chaotic fight at the scene of the crime?

  64. Donna Marie Says:

    This is the real Damien Echols


    homisidal and suisidal

    Hurt someone

    This was 3 months before the children ended up dead. You can find all the facts on the case on :


    You might think different about the case. WM3 are guilty . They even pleaed guilty!
    They had a chance at a new trial. They knew that they would loose. Now they want to buy a exoneration. The movies lied to everyone!!! I use to be a supporter. I will not give them one more penny . They made fools of us all.

  65. Sharon Says:

    @ Jeannie…you’re looking at Terry Hobbs’s past behavior??…LOL…take a good look at Damien’s past behavior…and Damien was only a teenager at the time…..pot..kettle..black.

  66. jim Says:

    the hair evidence fits 1.5% of the population according to the defense expert, west memphis pop 30,000 to 40,000 at time of crime. thehair evidece is about as weak as evidence of ufo’s.

  67. szybka chwilowka przez internet Says:

    Magnificent goods from you, man. I have keep in mind your stuff prior to and you are simply too excellent. I really like what you’ve acquired right here, really like what you’re saying and the way in which by which you assert it. You are making it enjoyable and you continue to care for to stay it wise. I cant wait to learn far more from you. This is really a wonderful site.

  68. Simon Cass Says:

    the possibility that they were killed as part of a “satanic ritual” killing is not necessarily eliminated by either theory. quote. unquote.

    Yes it is. evidently.

    Only in the deep south of the USA, the Congo, or perhaps some remote parts of South America, does this ring true.

    Long ago have we dismissed these primative fears, fears that produce the most vicious and evil outcomes for innocent lives because we cannot articulate the pain in our own lives.

    This is nothing new, and a I fear, nothing that will stop anytime soon.

  69. Brit Says:

    Someone whose sources are mainly bogus blogs and websites stating nothing but myths about this case shouldn’t even be writing a public essay. Your facts aren’t facts at all. I love how naysayers always say “there’s so much evidence against the wm3!” and when asked to state what that evidence is, they can’t or they spew out myths and non conclusive evidence. Just ignore the fact that Hobbs DNA was found knotted in the rope and his friend’s hair was at the scene, yet not one strand from ANY of the three long-haired teenagers accused of this brutal crime was found anywhere near the boys. Hmmmm. Yeah, brilliant theory.

  70. Clare Says:

    I am completing an (example) criminal profile as part of a university assessment. We are using this specific case as the example.

    – From the photographs presented to us, there appeared to be no knife wounds except on the castration and mutilation of Byer’s genital area

    – The first body was discovered at approximately 1:30 pm on the 6th of May 1993

    – Two trails surrounding the crime scene went in two different directions. One footprint trail led from the east down to the bank. The other trail was a blood trail. This led in the opposite direction back toward the residential area. I strongly suspect the perpetrator(s) lived in the same street as the boys.

    – Traces of Carbamazepine (anti-seizure medication) were found in Byer’s body. His step-father took this medication for his brain tumour. Does anyone know if this was investigated at all? The child apparently had been taking medication but it is not specified what types.

    I’m no expert, but I thought I’d just clear a few things up.

  71. mark iles Says:

    Oh Dear ,
    Have you Free The WM3 Hispster Douches wasted so much of your pathetic lives one these turds that you never heard of Christa Pike , Ricky Kasso , Aldolfo Constanzo and Enrique Marti ? No these are no daily , weekly or yearly events but they happen and only ONE in the south if you include anAmerican being sacrificed in Mexico .
    Echols has no problem admitting he embraces the occult so why should you . Does it make him a kille ? No . That would be the animal torture and other mental issue this gigantic prick has .
    You dips judging southern people sound completely stupid and hypocritical . Johnny Douche , Natalie Maines and co sound just as bad . Basing beliefs on 4 one sided crappy docs . How lazy . How ….. Hipster or 16 year old fan girl/boy .

  72. Shayna Says:

    You got the time of the body retrieval wrong… Btw… Bodies of the victims ware found around 1:30 the next afternoon..

  73. anonymous Says:

    I just started reading different items about this..and I read what seemed to be autopsy reports ..In doing so I wondered if anyone thought after reading them that perpetrator may be left handed?..then after seeing Hobbs write during questioning noticed he appears to be left handed ( cringe).. I just do not comprehend how a hair carried on a shoe for so long could survive but yet a fresh one during a struggle could not?..they should have never charged anyone until they were positive that they had the only suspects that could be proved beyond reasonable doubt..did Jason Balwin take a polygragh? I can’t find it

  74. Beth Says:

    The two hairs ( Hobbs & Jacobys ) is more evidence than anything found at the scene from any of the WM3.

    If a case can be built on absolutely no evidence of it being the WM3, then surely they can try Hobbs and Jocoby.

  75. Beth Says:

    And for those of you who bring up Miskellys admittions of the WM3 murdering those boys…

    Talk to someone who looks like an adult but with the brain of a child and tell me they can’t be manipulated.

    Its been stated over and over that Miskelly has a brain comparable to a 5 or 6 year old. Holding on to that as proof of murder is what has kept the real killer(s) out pf prison.

  76. Wil Baker Says:

    Truth and justice have not prevailed. I worked in criminal law for at least 10 years. Thank heaven the WM3 now have their freedom. Can’t blame them for leaving a redneck state. The killer(s) is still at large and, as according to the very thorough documentary seen worldwide, seems likely to be the elephant in the room, and, perhaps even friends with the dull intellectuals calling themselves ‘law enforcement’. Bless the WM3 defense team for an unrelenting pursuit for truth. Damn the powers that were for setting America back to medieval times. No wonder you folks aren’t progressing in this life.

  77. Billy Sinclair Says:

    Wil Baker – Which better-than-thou neck of the woods are you from? Sounds like the 10 years you spent in “criminal law” was binge-drinking on dumbass.

  78. exmoor Says:

    It wasn’t 10 years, it was “at least 10 years”, so he isn’t even sure .

    It’s interesting that so many of the comments such as this one bear a remarkable
    resemblance to the writing of Damien Echols or his ghost-writer.

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